An Academic Lecture was Given by Professor Heyu Ni from University of Toronto, Canada

In the morning of December 26th, 2017, Professor Heyu Ni of University of Toronto gave a lecture titled "Platelets and platelet immunology: lessons learned from animal models and human patients" in room 1611 at SBC. Zhu Ziyan, Deputy Director of SBC, Director of Shanghai Blood Transfusion Institute, hosted this academic lecture. SBC Medical Director Qian Jiacheng and about 30 people from various departments attended the lecture. 

Professor Heyu Ni introduced the latest research results of his group on hemostasis, thrombosis and immune functions of platelets, and the pathogenesis of fetal alloimmuno thrombocytopenia. The high quality academic papers reflect the authoritative status of their work in this field. Their novel approach in experimental design and scientific analysis broadened the participants’ research perspectives and ideas. The participants asked questions enthusiastically after every segment of the lecture. The detailed explanation from Professor Heyu Ni provided the audience with a more thorough understanding of the topic.     

In the end, the participants thanked Professor Heyu Ni for his wonderful lecture with a warm applause. After the lecture, some researchers asked Professor Ni more questions about the details of his research. They said that they benefited a lot from this academic lecture.

Reported by Li Ruishu

Edited by Kurt Lee