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  • 2022 National Annual Meeting on Clinical Transfusion Medicine Held
  • Monsieur Pierre’s Blood Donation Adventure in Tianjin
  • Relay for Life------Hua’an Medics Donate Blood
  • Warm Blood, Bloom of Youth

    From November 14 to 16, a blood donation activity themed on True Love Flows was jointly organized by Xuzhou Regional Blood Station and Jiangsu College of Safety Technology(JCST) in Yunlong and Jiawang Campus. A total of 653 students registered, and 194,400mL of whole blood was donated, which has heat the wave of love.

    On the morning of November 14, donors queued in the Su’an library to register and accept blood screen. LI Wei, a freshman from the School of Electrical Engineering, successfully donated 200mL of blood, and said "I’m so glad to realize my dream to donate blood. It makes me feel like growing up. And I’ll keep on donating in the future". On November 16, the enthusiasm of blood donation spread to Jiawang Campus, where all the donors showed their social responsibilities and commitments as the new generation college students. Besides, they expressed that they would encourage more people to participate in blood donation and propagate positive energy to the society.

    According to Mr. ZHAO Qi, director of the academic work department, JCST, blood donation activities have been organized for many years, which was a critical carrier to cultivate ideology and morality of college students, and to realize the value of life. He also expressed that, as a twice winner of Advanced Unit of Blood Donation, JCST, in future, would continue to transmit warmth and love, advocating more young students to participate in blood donation to save lives.


    Source: Xuzhou Regional Blood Station.

    Translated by SHI Lili;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.

  • China-ASEAN Blood Safety Forum and International Symposium on Transfusion-Transmitted (Mosquito-borne) Pathogens Held in Nanning

    From November 14 to 18, 2022, Workshop on Key Technologies for Prevention and Control for Emerging and Re-emerging Pathogens and Capacity Building for Blood Safety in “the Belt and Road Countries” and ASEAN, China-ASEAN Blood Safety Forum and International Symposium on Transfusion-transmitted (Mosquito-borne) Pathogens, was successfully held in Nanning, Guangxi. This forum was mainly hosted by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region  and  Nanning Regional Blood Station, and co-organized by the Institute of Blood Transfusion, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Peking Union Medical College) , Guangzhou Blood Center, Working Party on Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases of CSBT (CSBT/TTD), and Education Committee of CSBT (CSBT/EC). The 5-day forum was conducted both online and offline, inviting experts and scholars from China and other ASEAN countries to discuss in certain academic fields, contributing their wisdom and strength to China-ASEAN blood safety cooperation and development.


    As the first blood establishment hosting advanced training program of the National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Nanning Regional Blood Station invited domestic and foreign experts in the fields of transfusion-transmitted diseases and blood safety to present lectures and discussions on Overview of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Research on HIV Blood Safety Prevention and Control Based on Molecular Epidemiology, Virus Inactivation Technology and Blood Safety, as well as other cutting-edge theory and technology, current situation and outlook. Experts from the National Blood Centers of Laos and Nepal also participated online and jointly discussed on aspects of blood transfusion safety improvement, international cooperation and exchange promotion, public health capacity-building, thereby enhancing the academic level of blood transfusion medicine in China and encouraging the clinical research on transfusion-transmitted diseases (pathogens) among blood establishments. According to figures, there were 7,432 peers attending the forum, among which, 1,102 online participants from Laos and Nepal, and nearly 200 offline participants from Guangxi.


    Translated by TANG Xinyi;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.

  • The Champion City of Shenzhen——Annual Hematopoietic Stem Cells Donations Reaches 100 Cases

    November 4, 2022, an ordinary work day, but for MO Jianxian born post 1995, it was a day unforgettable. On that day, he became Shenzen’s 100th hematopoietic stem cell donor in 2022, which brought hope to the transplant waiting patient, and also made Shenzhen the annual champion city in hematopoietic stem cells donations.


    MO said, “After graduation, I once passed by Luohu Bookstore blood donation site. When I donated whole blood, I registered for the China Marrow Donor Program. Several days ago, I got a phone call from Shenzhen Blood Center telling me a patient had a successful match with me. It made me a little nervous and excited as well. But I didn’t hesitate. For me, it would be quite an honor to help others.”  As a citizen graduated and settled in Shenzhen, he could reflect the Be a Shenzhener, Be a Volunteer spirit.


    The year of 2022 is extraordinary for hematopoietic stem cell donation industry in Shenzhen. The city has spent 10 years to push forward the donation from 0 to 100th. quoted by NING Li, director of Shenzhen Blood Center. He introduced that Shenzhen Marrow Gene Bank was established in August 2000; whereafter, China Marrow Program was relaunched in May 2001. In August 2001, the first icebreaker, Mr. PAN Qingwei donated hematopoietic stem cell in Shenzhen, making it the first donation of voluntary hematopoietic stem cells after the restart of the China Marrow Program. From the 1st donation to the 100th, the city took nearly a decade, however, in 2022, 100 donations just needed 10 months. What a progress!



    Source: Shenzhen Blood Center

    Translated by HU Wenjia;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.

  • Cloud Forum Held on Quality Assurance for Blood and Blood Product

    On the morning of November 25, the cloud forum themed on Quality Assurance for Blood and Blood Product was jointly launched by CSBT and Roche Diagnostics, inviting domestic and international experts in the field of blood safety to participate.

    This forum was hosted by Director FENG Shuli from Working Party on Informatization, CSBT (CSBT/MIS). Initially, on behalf of CSBT, Mr. FENG welcomed all the online attendees to exchange their views on the industrial eternal topic: Blood Safety.

    Three lecturers were invited to present in the forum. The first lecturer was Professor HUANG Chengyin, deputy director of Jiangsu Blood Center as well as Working Party on Blood Quality Management, CSBT (CSBT/QM). He presented procedures and experiences of blood donor reentry in Jiangsu Province, mainly on reentry preparations, strategies and donor management system. Then in the Q&A session, he issued their experiences with the automated sample pre-processing system in reducing error rate as well as improving efficiency and traceability in blood detection at blood establishments.

    The second lecturer was Professor Gordon, deputy director of the Canadian Blood Services, who presented on Customized Blood Safety Solutions to Meet Patient Needs - Automated Systems Applied to Improve Detection Efficiency at Canadian Blood Services.

    The third lecturer was Mr. YU Ding, General Manager of Chengdu Rongsheng Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. In his speech, quality control of material blood plasma and products in his company was discussed from both legal and practical perspectives, in terms of which also provided a valuable opportunity to exchange and share with peers.


    Source: CSBT Secretariat.

    Translated by YU Zhixuan;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.

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