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  • 38th International ISBT Congress Held in Barcelona --- CSBT & ISBT Cooperation Agreement Renewed

    The 38th International ISBT Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain from June 23 to 27, 2024. Co-hosted by the ISBT and SETS (Spanish Society of Blood Transfusion and Cellular Therapy) , the event had brought together over 3,000 transfusion medicine professionals from 115 countries and regions worldwide. The congress featured 56 scientific meetings and 9 seminars, and was attended by a total of 84 exhibiting companies.

    During the congress, the cooperation agreement between CSBT and ISBT was renewed. Besides, an exhibiting booth was established by CSBT at the congress to promote the accomplishments of blood transfusion industry in China.

    CSBT & ISBT Cooperation Agreement Renewed


    Signing Ceremony

    On the afternoon of June 24, 2024 local time, the annual working meeting of CSBT and ISBT was convened in Barcelona, and a new five-year cooperation agreement was signed. The attendees of the signing ceremony included board members from both sides and prominent figures. The attendees are as follows:

    ZHU Yongming, President of CSBT; LIU Jiaxin, CSBT Vice President; LV Hangjun, Chair of the Supervisory Committee; HU Wei, XIA Rong; LIANG Huaxin, Standing Council members; Zhai Qing from CSBT Administration Department;

    Michael Busch, ISBT Past President; Pierre Tiberghien, ISBT President; Jill Storry, ISBT Vice President; Erica Wood, Past President; Gwen Clarke, Secretary General; Eric Jansen, ISBT Treasurer and Jenny White, ISBT Executive.


    Signing Moment

    CSBT and ISBT have established a longstanding tradition of communication and cooperation.

    In 2019, a cooperative agreement had been signed in Basel, Switzerland. Both sides agreed upon a shared mission, leveraging their respective strengths and resources in accordance with the principle of concerted endeavors:

    To hold at least one annual in-person or on-line working meeting for the purpose of exchanges and communications.

    To offer each other free booths at their respective blood transfusion congress.

    ISBT agreed to offer branch memberships to CSBT, while CSBT, in turn, to recommend Chinese expertise to ISBT.

    To enhance cooperation in exchange, education and training.

    The meeting reviewed the cooperation between the two societies over the past 5 years and expressed satisfaction with the achievements. Additionally, at the upcoming 12th National Congress of CSBT in Hefei, Anhui Province this September, an ISBT Satellite Session, fully funded by ISBT, will be held. Both sides discussed the detailed arrangements for the session.

    Both sides have expressed their intention to further facilitate comprehensive communication and cooperation among the respective organizations, branches, and member institutes of both sides.


    President ZHU Yongming and President Michael Busch exchanged congratulations.

    After the signing, both sides engaged in a comprehensive dialogue, not only exploring the latest industry developments but also exchanging perspectives on domestic and international advancements. This agreement has not only enhanced mutual understanding but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.


    Group photo of participants

    CSBT Showcased at the 38th International ISBT Congress


    CSBT also established an exclusive exhibition area at the conference, marking its third appearance after the 2019 regional congress in Bangkok and the 2023 regional congress in Cape Town, and its inaugural exhibition at ISBT global congress. Ms. ZHAI Qing, the Director of the CSBT Administration Department, was in charge of the promotion and guiding of the exhibition area.


    President ZHU Yongming, Vice President LIU Jiaxin, Chair LV Hangjun, Standing Council members HU Wei, XIA Rong and LIANG Huaxin, visited the booth of CSBT.


    ISBT Executive Ms. Jenny White at the booth of CSBT


    During the congress, President ZHU Yongming and his delegation, accompanied by Dr. Anna Millan, the director of the Blood Center, made a visit to the Barcelona Blood Center.

    Source: CSBT Secretariat;

    Translated by ZHU Shanshan;

    Reviewed by JIANG Nizhen.

  • Thank you,blood donors! —— Live Light Show for 2024 World Blood Donor Day

    World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) is celebrated throughout the world on June 14th. At 8 p.m. on WBDD of this year, the light show jointly hosted by CSBT, CCTV new media platform, and Shenzhen Sharing Network Co., Ltd. was live-streamed on the CCTV channel and the WeChat Cloud channel of CSBT.

    Firstly, President ZHU Yongming expressed his highest respect and festival greetings to all blood donors and volunteers who have contributed to the noble cause of blood donation. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to CCTV new media platform and to all the cities, governments and blood establishments that participated in tonight's light show activities. 


    A series of posters for the WBDD released by the WHO and activities organized by the National Health Commission were displayed on line, followed by videos from CSBT member units and individuals who had been awarded the 2020-2021 national voluntary blood donation commendation.


    Subsequently, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, expressed gratitude to all blood donors, past and present, as well as medical workers, blood establishment practitioners and civilian partners who continually support blood donation services, through a recorded congratulatory video.


    During the three-hour live stream, the video channel garnered 66,000 viewers, while WeChat Live recorded 366,000 views, accompanied by over 100,000 thumbs-up, nearly 10,000 shares, and more than 4,000 active participants engaging in interactive comments.


    A total of 63 units from 56 cities in 20 provinces attended the campaign. Among them, 54 cities displayed light shows. The live light show saluted blood donors, expressing gratitude for their contribution to upholding the humanitarian spirit of saving lives, which ensures the safe supply of clinical blood, and illuminates the light of life through their compassionate actions.


    Source: CSBT Secretariat 

    Translated by XIAO Hanxianzhi    

    Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen

  • Collective Blood Donation by Secretariat of CSBT
  • Life Delivery------Blood Donation Campaign Held in Disneytown, Shanghai
  • 2024 Annual Conference of Clinical Blood Transfusion Held in Chongqing

    On May 9, the 2024 Annual Conference of Clinical Blood Transfusion was held in Chongqing. Members of Working Party on Clinical Transfusion (CSBT/T), experts and over 400 delegates from 29 regions convened to deliberate on the development and future of clinical blood transfusion. President ZHU Yongming attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


    The Annual Conference of Clinical Blood Transfusion, initiated and organized by CSBT/T,  has become a well-recognized educational project, under the leadership of Professor HU Lihua, the vice-president of CSBT and former chair of CSBT/T. It is one of the most preeminent platforms for professional exchange in the field of clinical blood transfusion in China, playing a pivotal role in enhancing blood safety and prompting advancements in the field of blood transfusion. The success of this conference demonstrates the capability of the new CSBT/T chairs and members in guiding the safe and rational use of blood in clinical institutions, while promoting the coordinated development of blood safety nationwide.


    A total of 17 distinguished industrial experts and scholars delivered on-site lectures, covering topics such as the latest progress in clinical blood safety and key management, coagulation management for rational blood use, scientific concept and advancements in blood utilization, promotion and management of rational blood use in surgery, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in blood transport, clinical blood management and quality control, plasma exchange combined with blood purification therapy.



    Reported by CSBT Secretariat;

    Translated by XIAO Hanxianzhi;

    Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.

  • Yantai Regional Blood Station Joins CSBT Partnership Program
  • The National Conference on Platelet Management and Application Held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
  • The Signing Ceremony of CSBT Partnership Program on International Professional Information Exchange Held in Ningbo

    On April 17, CSBT held the signing ceremony of partnership program on International Professional Information Exchange in Ningbo. ZHU Yongming, President of CSBTand directors of blood centers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, as well as relevant staff from the CSBT Secretariat and other project participants, attended the meeting.


    Since 2020, CSBT has signed the Memorandum of Partnership with Jiangsu Blood Center, Shanghai Blood Center and Guangzhou Blood Center respectively. With the efforts of the three blood centers, CSBT has successfully carried out a number of co-construction projects, thus greatly enriching the English official website and the latest reports of international organizations.


    President ZHU finally put forward several requirements. Firstly, the number of manuscripts should be improved. Professionals and project participants should track  the development of the international professional fields out of habit, while blood centers need to set goals for them and encourage them to translate and contribute more manuscripts. Secondly, we should focus on the quality of manuscripts. The content should be able to provide effective information to promote the development of the industry. Finally, talent cultivation should be strengthened, and translation work is an effective way to achieve this. Enhance the linguistic and professional competence of translators in the hope that they will be able to deliver speeches at international conferences in the future. Meanwhile, the CSBT secretariat will organize work exchange meetings regularly, thus promoting the exchange of work experience and mutual learning.



    Translated by TANG Xinyi;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen

  • Welcome to the 12th National Congress of CSBT

    Dear friends,


    The 12th National Congress of CSBT will be held in Hefei, Anhui from September 25 to 27, 2024. The congress will bring together leaders, experts, and colleagues nationwide to share and exchange the latest developments, experiences, achievements, and prospects in the fields of transfusion medicine and services.


    The first National Congress was held by CSBT in 1990. Since 2010, the congress has been held every two years in several cities, including Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Chongqing, Tianjin (online), and Dalian (online), with eleven successful sessions. Over the years, leaders, experts, and colleagues in the blood transfusion industry have worked together to make this congress the most enduring academic event in the industry, with unparalleled academic influence, professional level, and attendance.


    The first day of the 12th Congress, September 25, is Academic Day, which is based on the practices of the ISBT.


    The second and third days, September 26-27, are Theme Days, consisting of plenary sessions, parallel sessions, satellite sessions and poster exhibitions, etc.


    In accordance with the cooperation agreement signed between CSBT and ISBT, ISBT will organize parallel sessions.


    The congress will focus on the latest technological advancements and solutions in improving blood donation services, ensuring blood safety and promoting safe blood transfusion, both domestically and internationally.


    Through the Seedling Program and the Hand in Hand Program, CSBT will continue to fully fund young professionals from remote, underdeveloped, and ethnic minority regions who are selected for oral communication, as well as representatives from these areas.


    The Scientific Committee and Conference Organizing Committee will continue to recommend the units with the highest number of accepted submissions and participants. Both the Best Speakers and the Best units in Oral Communication will be voted by all participants.


    In the golden autumn of September, we look forward to meeting you in Hefei.

    ZHU, Yongming

    President of CSBT

    April 16th, 2024



    Translated by MAO Zhuang;    

    Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen

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