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  • The 6th National Leadership Forum of Blood Service Held in Shenzhen
  • Chongqing Blood Center Joins the CSBT Partnership Program

    In order to promote the sustained development of blood donation industry and guide participation and support to blood science popularization from all circles of society, the CSBT National Education Center for Blood Donation Health was inaugurated in Chongqing Blood Center on September 16. ZHU Yongming, the president of CSBT, HE Tao, the president of Chongqing Society of Blood Transfusion, DUAN Hengying, the Secretary of Party Committee at Chongqing Blood Center, and XU Yongzhu, the Director of Chongqing Blood Center attended the award ceremony.

    President ZHU read out the award, authorized the certificate and addressed a speech. He expressed sincere congratulations to Chongqing Blood Center for passing the check and acceptance for the education center, and presented heartfelt gratitude for its continuous support and full participation.

    In addition, President ZHU expected the future communication and cooperation between Chongqing blood transfusion industry and CSBT to be continued and flourished. He hoped to promote blood safety and ensure blood supply through joint efforts of the Partnership Program.

    The secretary DUAN received the award and made her acknowledgements. She then briefly introduced the operation concept and achievements of the education center. The education center was designed to promote a healthy life style, advocate altruism, and publicize blood transfusion medicine using vivid multidimensional modes. In the speech, she also presented that persistent efforts in blood donation popularization would be made among communities, universities and enterprises to comprehensively improve the awareness of blood donation among the publicity,  enhance spiritual civilization of Chongqing, and build the city’s public welfare atmosphere, so as to contribute to Chongqing's voluntary blood donation business.



    Translated by LIU Ziyu;

    Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen

  • Loves in Fall --------The 12th Blood Donations Campaign Held in WEGO
  • The First Campus Blood Donation Cabin Settled in Tianjin University

    On September 24, a blood donation cabin was officially put into service in Beiyangyuan Campus, Tianjin University, which has been reported as the first blood donation cabin located in university campus all around the country. DU Hongyin, deputy director of Municipal Health Commission, ZHANG Fengbao, vice-president of Tianjin University, HAN Jinyan, member of Tianjin Red Cross Society Party Committee and vice-president, ZHANG Rongjiang, secretary of the Party Committee and director of Tianjin Blood Center attended the launching ceremony.

    The cabin, more than 40 square meters, was constructed of aerospace materials with good performance in thermal insulation. It was installed with a central air-conditioning circulation system, which could avoid the demerits of bad temperature control in normal blood donation sites, under extreme weather. The cabin was spacious and bright, equipped with cozy sofas, free Wi-Fi and enough juice and snacks. Besides, it was scientifically separated into four sections: registration area, primary screening area, waiting area, and blood collection area, making it possible to serve four donors at the same time. Therefore, the cabin has improved the donation experience of college students by providing a more comfortable blood donation environment.

    SHI Lei, a 2018 undergraduate from the College of Intelligence and Computing, announced his proposal for voluntary blood donation: A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive. Nowadays, college students are always the main force of voluntary blood donation, and students of Tianjin University have also been the excellent representatives among them. With the opening of the blood donation cabin in Tianjin University, students in the college town could conveniently participate in blood donation and relay their loves.

    It was estimated that the city's daily clinical blood demand could be met with 600 blood donations. As a result, Tianjin blood center plans to set another 2 blood donation cabins and 1 blood donation house in 2022. In that case, there would be 36 blood donation sites all around the city, which could meet the citizens' growing willingness to donate blood, and attract more people to participate in voluntary blood donation.

    Reported by Tianjin Blood Center

    Translated by ZHU Nan;

    Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen

  • The 17th Year of the Red Power in Ningbo

    Ningbo Red Power Volunteers Group is a non-governmental blood donation and service team, which was initiated and established by Captain ZHENG Shiming in 2004. The team originally composed of 3 individuals has developed into one of the largest non-remunerated blood donation organizations in China at present, with 13 branches and more than 1400 volunteers. Its members have carried out various charity and voluntary work in the Yangtze River Delta, mainly in Ningbo and Shanghai. So far, such a caring group has donated more than 160,000 units of blood with an annual increase of more than 20%. In recent years, the team has continuously improved the overall service capabilities and accelerated the standardized construction, which has been unanimously recognized by the community.


    On July 1, to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China(CPC), 50 Party member volunteers of the Red Power rolled up their sleeves to participate in the blood donation.


    Although Captain ZHENG has been beyond the legal blood donation age, he is still energetic to provide logistical support whenever the team members donate blood. During the campaign of donating blood on CPC’s centenary, he was not only busy with shuttle service, but also actively publicized the knowledge of voluntary blood donation to passers-by around the blood station, eliminating misunderstandings and misgivings about blood donation, and called on more people to join.


    Red power is a group of blood donors who write and interpret the real blood romance to pay tribute to life by way of donating blood.


    Reported by Ningbo Yinzhou district blood management center

    Translated by WANG Jinhua

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen

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