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  • Working Meeting of CSBT Branch Committees Secretariat is Held

    On April 21, the working meeting of CSBT Branch Committees Secretariat was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Leaders of CSBT, lecturers, secretaries from 24 branch committees and staff of CSBT secretariat attended this meeting.

    In the opening speech, President ZHU Yongming welcomed all the attending secretaries and expressed his gratitude for their efforts behind the scenes in recent years. And he also shared his experience on Should Do, How To Do, and Should Not Do. It was emphasized that each branch committee, as a professional team, should play a leading role in information communication both at home and abroad, inside and outside the industry, and focus on industrial promotion, international progress and talent cultivation. Besides, it was stated that each branch should understand responsibilities of itself, actively support and participate in the activities of the association. At the end of the  speech, President ZHU’s expressed his expectation that every branch can be qualified for the Excellence Award every year.

    During the meeting, lectures themed on Blood Transfusion Related Information and Activities of International Organization and Industrial Associations and Retrieval of International Development on Blood Transfusion via Database were presented respectively by Professor ZHU Ziyan and YE Luyi.

    In addition, the secretaries of CSBT/HV and CSBT/PP shared their working experience.


    CSBT Secretariat 

    Translated by ZHANG Rui; Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen

  • The 2nd World Blood Donor Day Light Show to be Launched by CSBT.
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  • The last Blood Donation in 15 Years —— A Special Celebration for 60th Birthday
  • No Love, no gains ——Blood Donation in Chongqing on Labors' Day
  • Innovative service to improve blood donor satisfaction
  • First foray into "two dimension"—— Debut of a Chinoiserie blood donation house at animation carnival
  • Debut of B. Duck blood donation car in Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology
  • New Book Release ——Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply Services --Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020)

    Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020), as the fifth volume of Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply, is a book about the development of blood services in 2019. This book, compiled by CSBT, with FU Yongshui as the Chief Editor, GENG Hongwu the Executive Editor, LUO Qun the Deputy Chief Editor, is co-written by many domestic professionals. It covers a wide range of blood services and displays the independent views, ideas and researches of these professionals and experts.

    输血服务蓝皮书 《中国输血行业发展报告(2020)》新书发布.png

    The book consists of eight parts:

    1. The general analysis and prospects on the development of China blood Collection and Supply industry in 2019;

    2. Seven monographic reports, focusing on laws and regulations of blood product, research on nucleic acid detection reagents for blood donor screening, the development of immunohematology and platelet blood group, research on transfusion-transmitted pathogens, blood preservation, as well as cell therapy;

    3. Five reports on the development of provincial-level blood collection and supply;

    4. Eight reports on the development of municipal-level blood collection and supply;

    5. Four reports on clinical blood transfusion;

    6. Five reports in other areas not covered above in the Typical Case Part;

    7. Biography of SHEN Kefei and the development of China’s blood collection and supply industry;

    8. Chronicle of blood service in China in 2019.

    Translated by FENG Yasong.

    Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen

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