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  • New Book Release ——Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply Services --Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020)

    Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020), as the fifth volume of Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply, is a book about the development of blood services in 2019. This book, compiled by CSBT, with FU Yongshui as the Chief Editor, GENG Hongwu the Executive Editor, LUO Qun the Deputy Chief Editor, is co-written by many domestic professionals. It covers a wide range of blood services and displays the independent views, ideas and researches of these professionals and experts.

    输血服务蓝皮书 《中国输血行业发展报告(2020)》新书发布.png

    The book consists of eight parts:

    1. The general analysis and prospects on the development of China blood Collection and Supply industry in 2019;

    2. Seven monographic reports, focusing on laws and regulations of blood product, research on nucleic acid detection reagents for blood donor screening, the development of immunohematology and platelet blood group, research on transfusion-transmitted pathogens, blood preservation, as well as cell therapy;

    3. Five reports on the development of provincial-level blood collection and supply;

    4. Eight reports on the development of municipal-level blood collection and supply;

    5. Four reports on clinical blood transfusion;

    6. Five reports in other areas not covered above in the Typical Case Part;

    7. Biography of SHEN Kefei and the development of China’s blood collection and supply industry;

    8. Chronicle of blood service in China in 2019.

    Translated by FENG Yasong.

    Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen

  • CSBT is rated as 4A national social organization by Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • Outstanding member institutions and branch committees in 2020

    In the extraordinary year of 2020, relying on member institutions and branch committees, CSBT has made contribution to the development of blood transfusion industry by fighting against the epidemic, actively serving government, the industry and member institutions. During which, many had emerged as outstanding collectives. 


    In order to further arouse the motivation of member institutions and branch committees, CSBT decided to award Guangzhou blood center and CSBT/BE, and other nine member institutions and four branch committees, according to the Interim Provisions for the commendation of CSBT members in the 6th board of seventh council.




    List of outstanding member institutions

    (in alphabetical order)

    Guangzhou Blood Center

    Hebei Blood Center

    Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Journal of Health

    Nanchang regional blood bank

    Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited

    Shanghai Blood Management Office

    Shanghai Blood Center

    Shengxiang Biotechnology Co. Ltd

    Tianjin Blood Center


    List of outstanding branch committees

    (by the number of branch committees )

    Working Party on Blood Equipment, CSBT

    Committee on Development of Middle and Small-Sized Blood Station, CSBT

    Working Party on Clinical Transfusion Management, CSBT

    Working Party on Haemovigilance, CSBT

    Education Committee, CSBT



    Translated by WANG Yawu

    Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen

  • Red Power Fuels Blood Donation in Shanghai during the Chinese New Year
  • The 3rd Group Apheresis Donation is Held in Jiangsu Blood Center
  • Blood Donation in Tianjin during the Spring Festival
  • President ZHU Yongming Donates Apheresis Platelets to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Ox

    On the second day of Chinese New Year, Prof.ZHU Yongming, the president of CSBT and WHOCC-BTSs, stepped into Meilong blood donation site in Shanghai to donate apheresis platelets. Although the whole country was immersed in joyful atmosphere of Spring Festival, the clinical still need blood donated to save lives. Taking this opportunity, President ZHU extended new year greetings via video to every blood donor all around the county.


    In the past 2020, under the leadership of President ZHU, a serial of essential documents both in Chinese and English versions were issued by CSBT according to the domestic experience against COVID-19 pandemic, such as Recommendations for Blood Establishments Regarding the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, Biosafety Protection Guidelines for Serological Blood Group Laboratories of Clinical Blood Transfusion Department during the Control and Prevention of COVID-19, Recommendation List of Contingency Reserves, which have been referenced later by many international authorities. As the director of WHOCC-BTSs, Prof.ZHU helped the global blood donation industry by organizing a serial of professional consultations and exchanges on contingency strategie. Alsoas a blood donor, he saves lives with regular blood donation and he has donated apheresis platelets twice during the 2020 pandemic.

    Through his 30-year career in this industry, President ZHU has won multiple awards, such as National Blood Donation Awards and National Blood Donation Promotion Awards. He never stops to dedicate his passion to help people against the pandemic.


    Translated by SHAO Lei

    Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen

  • Face ID Enabled in 22 Blood Donation Sites in Wuhan

    Face ID was officially enabled in blood donation services by Wuhan Blood Center, which has made donation registration fully applicable online. With this contactless technology, a donor’s identity could be recognized by a quick face scan,  leaving it no longer a problem to forget the ID card at home.

    Please scan the QR code, and face the screen!” In Wangjiawan blood donation site, under the guide of nurses, Ms. Yang from Hanyang District completed her first Face ID registration, on February 19. “I’ve donated blood for three times, however, it’s the very first time for me to use the Face ID. It’s very convenient!” said Ms. Yang. At the site, a QR code was generated as soon as the donation questionnaire was filled out on the cellphone. Then the scanning of QR code on a specialized device was followed by a face-recognition. Through this process, the donor’s identity could be verified in less a second; meanwhile his/her questionnaire has been printed.

    无需身份证全程无接触 武汉22个献血点上线“刷脸献血”.jpg

    At present, Face ID recognition devices have been operational in 22 blood donation sites across the city of Wuhan, which made it convenient, time saving and writing error reducing. Taking every blood donor as a hero, Wuhan Blood Center has been striving to improve every donors donation experience through hardware updating and smart donation site construction, and so as to attract more people to become voluntary blood donors.


    Translated by ZHU Yunong

    Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen

  • Young People in Wuhan Innovation Valley Donate Blood with Love
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