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    On November 10, ZHU Yongming, President of CSBT and Director of WHO Collaborating Centers for Blood Transfusion Services (WHOCC), and Jenny White, Executive Officer of ISBT, held a working meeting in Shanghai to discuss further cooperation. ZHU Ziyan, Deputy Director of Shanghai Blood Center and WHOCC, attended the meeting.

    Since the 3rd round of the Education Course for Leadership of Blood Service (ECLBS) in 2009, ISBT has sent experts to inspect the organization of ECLBS and participate in the lectures on site for two consecutive years. In 2011, ISBT officially signed a contract with Shanghai Blood Center (the initiator & secretary of ECLBS and the WHOCC) to become the co-organizers of ECLBS.

    In 2019, CSBT and ISBT signed a cooperation agreement in Basel, Switzerland, where both sides agreed on various cooperation projects in the areas of personnel training, blood transfusion congresses, organization promotion and literature introduction. Over the past four years, the cooperation agreement has been implemented by both sides, overcoming difficulties such as inconvenient international travel.

    ZHU Yongming expressed his gratitude to ISBT for its active participation in the ECLBS. He also expressed satisfaction with the progress of various programs since the signing of the agreement between CSBT and ISBT in 2019. It is agreed that the international and inter-institutional contacts and cooperation are important ways to promote the development of blood service, improve blood safety, cultivate talents in the field and advance sustainable development. The meeting agreed to sign a new round of cooperation agreement on the ECLBS as soon as possible, and sign a cooperation agreement between CSBT and ISBT. The meeting discussed the new version of the draft agreement and agreed on the structure and terms of the draft.


    Date: 11/23/2023; 

    Source: Shanghai Blood Center, WHOCC;

    Translated by YANG Ying;

    Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen 

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