The Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT) is a national non-profit industrial social organization voluntarily formed by institutions, enterprises, and related professionals in technology and management of blood transfusion medicine. The organization is under to the supervision, administration, and business guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China.


Founded in October 1988, CSBT’s mission is to bring together a diverse group of people engaged in blood transfusion medicine, comply with the Chinese constitution, laws and regulations, implement national guiding principle and policies of health work, protect people’s health, uplift social morality, advocate for attentive and mutually beneficial voluntary blood donation, cultivate the spirit of unity, cooperation, democracy, factualism and innovation, and promote the development of blood transfusion medicine in China.


For over 30 years, numerous experts, scholars, leaders and pioneers in the blood transfusion community and CSBT have led the development of the industry and the Society with their knowledge, intelligence and competency. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners and the staff of CSBT’s member institutions have also served the blood donors, patients and the communities with their diligence, dedication and perseverance day after day and year after year.


Currently, CSBT has about 600 business members. Its organizational structure incorporates one secretariat, three internal committees, and 24 working groups including 17 working parties and 7 working committees. CSBT has held 7 national member conferences and 11 national blood transfusion congresses since it was established. It has also organized 114 educational workshops for blood center leaders, as well as many national continuing education projects, training courses, and seminars. By sponsoring researches and investigations, working with ministries of the government to implement various industrial regulations, and participating in legislative processes, CSBT actively serves as a reference for, and a bridge between, the government and the blood transfusion industry. Through various media outlets, CSBT publicizes voluntary blood donation and constructs novel platforms for industrial cultural and technology. CSBT supports its working groups to serve their full range of functions by carrying out extensive academic communication and continuing education activities for effective promotion of academic discipline and team member quality. As a leading force in the blood transfusion industry, CSBT vigorously improves standardized management. CSBT seriously discharges its duties, strengthens its self-construction, and strives to serve all its members. CSBT continually contributes to the healthy development and academic prosperity of the blood transfusion industry in our country.


The 7th CSBT Council was established on November 11, 2016. A total of 182 council members were elected, including 61 standing councilors. A board of supervisors was also elected, consisting of one chief supervisor, one deputy chief supervisor, and two supervisors. There are 11 executive officers for CSBT. Mr. Zhu Yongming, president of the 7th CSBT Council, addressed in his speech that, at any time, no matter what types of tasks CSBT is delegated, there are three important tenets for CSBT members to keep in mind: first, rely on and serve the fellow CSBT members; second, adapt to new situation and roles; and third, adhere to democratic supervision and seek self-discipline and self-improvement. Mr. Zhu also called on fellow colleagues in the field of blood transfusion to encourage each other, go forward hand in hand, take on responsibilities in the new era side by side, and jointly outline and promote the historical blueprint towards developing a Healthy China.



(翻译:朱雨浓 刘太香 马玲 茆庄 审核:陈青 蒋昵真)