President's Address

Welcome, my friends!
Today, June 14th, 2017, as the world celebrates the 14th World Blood Donor Day, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new official website for the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT). From now on, you have a reliable source of information about the activities of CSBT, Blood Transfusion Medicine, and blood transfusion services.

As you will see, a few new elements have been added to the “About Us” section. This includes CSBT’s work programme and summary, an introduction of the members of the CSBT Council and the CSBT Board of Supervisors, as well as information about the composition, activities, and responsibilities of the 24 working groups (17 working parties and 7 working committees) and 3 internal committees. In the future, we will include information about the Society’s party building, self-regulation, civil rights, and chronicles in this section as well.

The “CSBT Activities" section is a bulletin board for CSBT to publish various documents, notices, announcements, news of CSBT and its member institutions, as well as news and messages in the industry both domestic and abroad. The primary focus of this messaging innovation is to assist CSBT’s advocacy of voluntary blood donation. This section currently provides a dedicated channel for World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). Future plans include another channel called “creative products” for our members to advertise or share innovative gadgets, projects, and ideas to publicize and promote voluntary blood donation and appreciate donors and volunteers. It gives our lives great significance by donating blood that can be regenerated to save lives that cannot be returned. Let’s work toward making the process enjoyable as well.



The CSBT website is of course the place for all release of official information. Here you can find blood collection-and-supply-related laws, regulations, rules, and standards, as well as CSBT’s own standards. Last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China jointly issued a Guiding Opinion on Cultivating and Developing Organization Standards. This guideline makes it clear that social organizations may formulate their own standards in the absence of national, industrial, and local standards in response to market demands and fill the gaps. Last December, CSBT was authorized to set its own organization standard.


The CSBT website will also publish information on various online and offline academic activities organized by CSBT or its member institutions, and provide introductions for professional magazines and books and downloads of learning materials. Readers may also raise questions for experts. The “Recruitment List” section is a place where CSBT and its member institutions can publish recruitment information.


We will also actively promote the decorated and honorable. Individuals and institutions that have won the National Blood Donation Award and Promotion Award in years past will be presented on the CSBT website. We will also collect and display the various group and individual honors and titles that CSBT members have received, as well as honors and titles awarded by CSBT.

In addition to serving the society and the public, we will serve our fellow CSBT members to our utmost. Accordingly, the new website provides a portal through which members can log in to their accounts and receive instant access to exclusive contents and services, such as online activities and information, manuscript submission and colleagues searching. For non-member readers, our website offers one-click instructions on how to join the Society.

Many functions and contents of our new website are already accessible, and other elements are still under construction with new information being added. Although this development may seem imperfect, our perspective is that our continual progress reflects the healthy development of the website. Check in regularly to find new features!

The CSBT assigns a responsible person for each message board (large and small board moderators). Readers and members, please help the moderators improve.

At the end of last December, the original CSBT web service encountered an unexpected failure, disrupting regular member contact, information publication, and making overall CSBT operations extremely difficult. As a result, CSBT expended significant effort in dealing with this emergency while simultaneously strengthening internal construction and establishing professional branches. Fortunately, our member institutions provided timely support at this critical moment with groups of experts dispatched immediately for reconstruction plans. The web design company promptly, carefully, thoughtfully, and selflessly developed new solutions. The CSBT secretariat carefully coordinated with these parties. The CSBT’s main leadership has been fully involved in the whole reconstruction process, offering meticulous guidance from the website layout to functional module settings. The success of the CSBT’s new website is due to months of effort and sacrifice. Now, the rigorous and comprehensive official CSBT website, plus a quick and lively CSBT WeChat account opened earlier this month, will work in tandem as two shining emblems of the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion. Soon, the official mobile application and an English version of the website will also become available while the official website continues to develop.

Of course, for our official website, nothing is more important than your satisfaction. This platform is not only one where CSBT serves you, but where you return input and feedback to us.


Welcome! We look forward to your visit!



Zhu, Yongming
President of CSBT
1:00 am, June 14th, 2017


(翻译:朱姗姗 胡文佳 冯涛 黄庆 张蕊  审核:蒋昵真)