“Global status report on blood safety and availability 2016” Chinese Edition Distributes

In 2017, World Health Organization (WHO) released the "Global status report on blood safety and availability 2016" by using data from the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Database on Blood Safety (GDBS) established in 1998. The text of the report summarized and compared blood collection data from 180 countries around the world by the end of 2013, including blood collection and supply, blood components separation, blood screening, blood discard, clinical blood transfusion, plasma derived products, organization and management aspects of national blood collection institutions. Most of these summaries and comparisons are displayed in chart form, which can directly reflect the differences between regions and countries. The appendices to the report also list the original data submitted by the 180 countries to the GDBS for the reader to verify, consult and further study.

Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) is a WHO collaborating center for blood transfusion services. After receiving the "Global Report 2016", SBC first applied to WHO for the authorization to translate the report into Chinese. On September 20th 2017, SBC got the consent of copyright department of WHO. Under the guidance of Zhu Yongming, chairman of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, after several months' efforts, the translation team finally completed the translation, editing and publication of the full version of the report’s Chinese edition. Chairman Zhu Yongming was also pleased to preface the report.

During the translation of the Chinese edition, we received great support from the blood safety project of WHO headquarters. Meanwhile, Professor Shan Hua from the transfusion medicine department of Stanford University Medical Center also gave guidance and help; Director of Xijing Hospital blood transfusion department of Air Force Military Medical University Yin Wen also participated in the translation.

WHO GDBS and this report completely show the latest and most complete data of blood supply in our country for our blood transfusion services colleagues. These data on the one hand let us know the current Chinese blood supply safety level, and on the other hand provide the opportunity to compare with ourselves and other advanced countries. This will be of great significance in the guidance of scientific decision-making and path design, in the improvement of working, and the enhancement of skills.

For this purpose, SBC will provide the domestic blood collection institutions with the Chinese edition of the "Global status report on blood safety and availability 2016" free of charge. If anyone would like the Chinese version of the report, please contact to Mr. MA Guohao, Tel. +8621-62088067, E-mail maguohao@sbc.org.cn