WHO Global Forum on Blood Safety held in March

WHO Global Forum on Blood Safety, organized by the Department of Essential Health Technology, collaborated with Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center and the Government of United Arab Emirates was held in Dubai, on March 16-18. The objectives of the forum are to develop a mechanism of information exchange, foster collaboration and involve international partners in matters of global blood safety concern and in the implementation of World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.12 2010 on “Availability, Safety and Quality of Blood Products”. 

A “Draft Action Plan” was developed as one of the outcomes of the forum, 42 items including Leadership, Governance and Management; Self Sufficiency of Blood and Blood Products; Transfusion-Transmissible Infections and Blood Group Serology, categories in 5 fields were recommended in the Plan. WHO HQ, Regional Office, Collaborating Center, Country Office will be involved. 

As a WHOCC, Shanghai Blood Center has concerned and supported the policies and actions by WHO on Blood Safety for a long time, and have playing an irreplaceable role in West Pacific Region. Based on this forum, we will actively take the responsibility of EQAS program, training of leadership in blood services, rare blood type network, blood quality, training on TTI laboratory, blood type serology, etc.