The 1ST “Training Course on Blood Transfusion Quality Management System”in 2018 was held in Shanghai

On March 28th, 2018, Shanghai Blood Center and the Blood Quality Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, co-organized the "Training Course on Blood Transfusion Quality Management System". This training course was a part of the 2018 National Continuing Medical Education Program and was attended by 165 delegates from 72 blood services and hospitals from 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities nationwide.

In the opening ceremony, Lu Taohong, (Director of the Shanghai Blood Center) delivered a speech and warmly welcomed the fellows who attended the training course nationwide. Lu pointed out that blood transfusion therapy is still one of the important means at this stage, one which cannot be replaced. Transfusion medicine is now listed as a secondary discipline by the state, which means that blood transfusion medicine has become an independent discipline in medical science and has received more and more attention. At the same time, the Government has placed increasing emphasis on blood quality management rules and successively revised the regulations and technical regulations that protect blood safety. This year, the National Health Commission of PRC has initiated the revision of the “Technical procedures for blood stations "to fully reflect the emphasis on the work of blood safety. 

Blood transfusion quality management system training is held based on "one law two rules" requirements, referenced to the quality management experience from developed countries with the combination of the practices of our own country. It is held to provide quality management staff from blood services nationwide a platform to study, comb and communicate. It aimed to improve the quality, professional knowledge and ability of blood services managers and quality management level, which will contribute to the guarantee of blood quality and safety. The“Training Course of Blood Transfusion Quality Management System" has been held since 2002 for 28 issues, with over 2,400 trainees graduated. Since 2014, it has been held twice a year. It has been very popular in the transfusion industry.

It has been updated and adjusted from curriculum design to teacher arrangements in each issue according to the development trends of the blood transfusion industry, the industrial focuses, as well as peer feedback from colleagues from blood banks, clinical hospital blood transfusion department.

This course invited Lu Taohong(Director of Shanghai Blood Center), Li Jinming (Deputy Director of National Center for Clinical Laboratories), Wang Hongjie (Deputy Director of Beijing Red Cross Blood Center) , Huang Chengyin (Deputy Director of  Nanjing Red Cross Blood Center), Lin Junjie (Deputy Director of Shanghai Blood Center), Qian Kaicheng (Medical Director of Shanghai Blood Center) , Xu Bei (Director of Quality and Regulations Department, Shanghai Blood Center) and Xiang Dong (Director of Blood typing Center of Shanghai Blood Center) to give lectures. The training courses involved emergency management, the revision of blood standards, and blood transfusion effect on the development of the concept of clinical blood transfusion strategies, management review, risk management for blood centers, laboratory quality control, donor repatriation strategies, and irregular antibody screening.

Quality and Regulatory Department
Reported by Xu Xuejin
Reviewed by Xu Bei
Translated by Yang Jianhao
Photographed by Fan Lianfeng

Edited by Kurt Lee

Lu Taohong, Director of Shanghai Blood Center delivers an opening speech


Training scene


All the students pose for a photo