The 2018 Committee Members Congress of Working Party on Immunohematology, Chinese Society of Blood T

The 2018 Committee Members Congress of Working Party on Immunohematology, Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT/IH) was held in Shanghai Vienna International Hotel, on Apr 9, 2018. Zhu Yongming, President of CSBT, Lan Jiongcai, professor from Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Wu Guoguang, professor from Nanning Institute of Transfusion Medicine, Xiang Dong, professor from Shanghai Blood Center (SBC), and more than 40 experts of immunohematology attended the meeting.

CSBT/IH engaged Prof. Lan Jiongcai, Prof. Wu Guoguang, and Prof. Xiang Dong as advisers. President Zhu Yongming awarded the letter of appointment to the three experts. 

President Zhu Yongming gave a speech. He hoped that CSBT/IH would make full use of their professional advantages to promote the development of member units. Meanwhile, CSBT/IH should publicize a correct idea of blood transfusion to society.

Luo Qun, Director of CSBT/IH, gave a 2017 work summary report of CSBT/IH. According to the work effectiveness in 2017, committee member Xu Xianguo, and Li Tongtong won the ‘2017 annual network / WeChat group academic discussion best participant of CSBT/IH’, and ‘2017 annual best participant of survey questionnaire of CSBT/IH’, respectively.

Subsequently, Director Luo Qun introduced a draft work plan of CSBT/IH for 2018. After discussion by all the members, ten projects were finally decided upon for 2018, including drawing up expert consensus and group standards, and assessment of the risk of blood transfusion for the weak D antigen, and so on. The leaders of each project were identified, and the work requirements and related time nodes of the first stage of each project were determined.

The conference adopted the annual implementation plan with good implementation and achieved the goal of the conference.

Reported by Li Qin
Photograph by Fan Liangfeng
Edited by Kurt Lee

Fig1 Group photo of CSBT/IH.

Fig2 Zhu Yongming, President of CSBT, gave speech.

Fig 3 President Zhu Yongming (second from left) awarded the letter of appointment to Prof. Lan Jiongcai (first from left), Prof. Wu Guoguang (second from right), and Prof. Xiang Dong. 

Fig 4 Luo Qun (right), Director of CSBT/IH, awarded the Outstanding Committee Member certificate to Ms. Li Tongtong. 


Fig 5 Director Luo Qu summarized the 2017 annual work of CSBT/IH and introduced the draft plan of 2018.

Fig 6 Meeting discussion