Shanghai Quality System Audit Center re-certified and Audit of Shanghai Blood Center

From May 2 to 4, 2018, Shanghai Quality System Audit Center was re-certified and performed an audit of a total of 21 relevant sites from seven department and 13 divisions of Shanghai Blood Center according to the standards of GB/T 19001-2016, industry applicable laws and regulations, and central system documents.

The audit was led by senior auditor Zhou Dihong, with senior auditors Zhang Yuping and Meng Zhaojun and auditors Zhao Min and Feng Guoping as team members.  After the three-day review, the audit team reached a consensus as follows: the blood center’s operation of the quality system meets the requirements of the standards and laws, is effective, and can be continually improved. At the same time, the audit team made many recommendations including. "Risk-based thinking" is the biggest change in the updated standard version. The audit team hopes that SBC will strengthen their supervision and management systems at all levels accordingly, implement bottom-up identification and control of risk, and ensure blood safety and effective operation of the systems.

At the closing meeting, on behalf of the center, SBC Director Lu Taohong thanked the audit team’s experts for their professional and dedicated work. He asked the relevant departments to review the external audit and found that the rectification should be completed as soon as possible and continue to "monitor and measure" with the goal of eliminating quality and safety hazards.
Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Reported by Sun Jinghua
Reviewed by Qiu Yingjie
Translated by Yang Jianhao
Edited by Kurt Lee

Zhou Dihong, head of the audit team, introduced the audit work

SBC Director Lu Taohong delivered a speech


SBC leaders attend the first audit meeting


Various departments on-site audit