The Fifth Meeting of Shanghai WHO Collaborating Center (WHOCC) Directors held

The Fifth Meeting of Shanghai WHOCC Directors, which was sponsored by Shanghai Public Health Bureau, undertook by WHOCC for Blood Transfusion Services (WHOCC-BTSs), was held at Shanghai Blood Center on the afternoon of July 15th, 2011. The topic of the meeting was ‘How can WHOCC work better, and the strategic target for servicing to the WHO’, which could be simplified as ‘WHOCC for WHO’. Totally 34 directors and co-ordinators from all the 21 WHOCC in Shanghai attended the meeting. Li Zhongyang, the Vice Counsel of Shanghai Public Health Bureau, also attended the meeting and addressed the meeting. The meeting was emceed by Zhu Yongming, the director of WHOCC-BTS. 

Vice Counsel Li Zhongyang, as the representative of Shanghai Public Health Bureau, gave an oration at the meeting firstly. She thanked all the WHOCC, especially the WHOCC-BTS, for their efforts to the meeting. She also emphasized that all the WHOCCs were the leader of each field, and the important component elements of WHO, so all the WHOCCs should continue to try hard, strengthen the communication with abroad through the platform of WHO, learn advanced information and skills overseas, and contribute to develop the medical affairs in Shanghai during the period of ‘innovating and driving, transition and developing’. 

After Director Zhu Yongming introduced the experiences of WHOCC-BTS serving the country and local, the delegates of the meeting made a discussion according to how WHOCCs play a role to offer better services to China (especially west district of China) and west Pacific Ocean Area, based on their own conditions and surrounding the WHO global stratagem and keystone of national sanitation medical reformation. The meeting reached follow consensuses. 

1) All the WHOCCs in Shanghai should contribute more efforts to serve the WHO. 

2) The organizations which domination the WHOCCs, and the various circles of society should support the WHOCCs’ work. 

3) The WHOCCs should keep in touch with relevant departments of WHO actively. 

4) WHO and all levels of governments should give WHOCCs more changes to put their ability in use. 

The meeting also gave some advices for improving the work for WHO and relevant departments. Such as, 

1) Do not cut the outlay for approved items when the program was under construction. 

2) Keep in touch with others effectively, and reply the mails in time. 

3) When Representative Office in China and Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Public Health of China arrange the outlay, please pay more attention to the WHOCCs outside Beijing. 

4) To hold meetings for WHOCC directors from more and more areas at WHO headquarters timely. 

All the contents for the meeting would be reported to Dr Margaret Chan,the Director-General of WHO on the night. After Li Guangyao, the director of WHOCC for Health City, which was the undertaker for the Sixth Meeting of Shanghai WHOCC Directors, gave the salutatory, the meeting concluded successfully. 

JIN Ye Reported, LI Qin Translated

Dr. ZHU Yongming Chaired the Meeting

Mrs. LI  Zhongyang was giving opening remarks

Dr. ZHU Yongming was giving brief introduction of WHOCC-BTSs

Delegates were group-discussing

Represent of the group was giving consensus of their group

Group photo of all the delegates