First “China Mongolia Blood Transfusion Medicine Symposium” took place at Ulan Bator Mongolia

The fist “China Mongolia Blood Transfusion Medicine Symposium” took place at National Center for Transfusion Medicine (NCTM) in Ulan Bator, Mongolia between September 19 and 20, 2018. Chairman of China Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT) and Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Blood Transfusion Services Professor Yongming Zhu, Vice President of Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) Professor Ziyan Zhu, Director of National Center for Transfusion Medicine, (NCTM) Dr. Erdenebayar. N and other prestigious experts attended the symposium. A total of 146 professionals from NCTM and transfusion services attended this symposium. Director of the Department of Medical Affairs Mr. Tsogtbaatar.B, and official of the Department of Health Care Service Ms. Barkhas.A from Mongolia MOH and Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Administration and Hospital Authority Ms. Tingting Leng from China National Health Commission (NHC) attended the opening ceremony.

On the ceremony, Ms. Tingting Leng and Mr. Tsogtbaatar.B in represent of the Department of Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of China NHC and the Department of Medical Affairs of Mongolia MOH congratulated the opening of this symposium. Professor Yongming Zhu and Dr. Erdenebayar N gave their speeches and reviewed past experience of cooperation between NCTM and SBC and hoped for further and deeper cooperation in the future.

After the symposium, Professor Ziyan Zhu and Dr. Erdenebayar.N in represent of SBC and NCTM signed the “training course agreement in developing Immunohematology Testing, Cord Blood Bank and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank related testing”. As the agreement became effective, SBC would provide relevant skill training techniques to Mongolia. This agreement is a further improvement from the last agreement 《MOU of Cooperation between SBC and NCTM》at 2017.

During the two days session, experts on transfusion medicine and clinical medicine from SBC, Zhongshan Hosptial and Huashan Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai Fudan University, Chongqing Blood Center and other institutes had intense discussion related to current cutting-edge development in blood transfusion, such as transfusion therapy strategy, transfusion-transmitted infection and blood safety, clinical transfusion laboratory quality control, and Hemovigilance. Associate Director from NCTM Dr. Alimaa.T provided translation and interpretation support in the symposium.

In recent year, SBC has been in close contact with NCTM. Special customized training courses designed for NCTM have been held three times between 2013 and 2016. The symposium greatly promoted the development of transfusion medicine in Asia and increased mutual cooperation between countries along “one Belt and one Road”.


                                           Reported by Dongfu Xie

                                           Reviewed by Ziyan Zhu

                                           Translated by Hong Liu

Scene of Symposium

Sign the agreement