Deputy Minister of Health Binbasulan and charge d’affairs Qingdong Yang attended “Chinese Mongolia

First “Chinese Mongolia Blood Transfusion Medicine Symposium” took place at National Center for Transfusion Medicine (NCTM) in Mongolia between September 19 and 20. Chairman of China Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT) and Director of WHO Collaborating Center for Blood Transfusion Services Professor Yongming Zhu, Vice President of Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) Professor Ziyan Zhu, Director of NCTM Dr. Erdenebayar. N and other prestigious experts attended the symposium. 146 professionals showed up which made it to be the largest Symposium ever been held in Mongolian history.

On September 19, charge d’affairs from Embassy of China in Mongolia Mr. Qingdong yang set up the convocation to meet with Chinese representatives.

Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Administration and Hospital Authority Ms. Tingting Leng from China National Health Commission (NHC) debriefed current situation and emphasized the importance of carrying out mutual cooperation between China and countries along “One Belt and One Road”. During the symposium, attendees exchanged ideas and discussed topics related to current cutting-edge development in areas of blood transfusion, blood management and blood safety.

The symposium was successfully closed in the afternoon of September 20. Deputy Minister of the Health Ms. Binbasulan from Mongolia and charge d’affairs Mr. Qingdong Yang attended the closing ceremony.

Mr. Qingdong Yang congratulated the successful closing of the symposium and claimed it was a fruitful year for both China and Mongolia. Leaders from both sides had set up a number of meetings and reached a series of unanimous agreements. They would closely working together to make sure things to be carried out as planned. He believed the progress they had made so far would further promoting communication and cooperation between the two countries. On the other hand, next year is the 70th year since the two countries established diplomatic relationship; China will follow the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness and continue to expand the area of cooperation to further benefit each other.

Deputy Minister of Health Ms. Binbasulan from Mongolia said the successful holding of this symposium meant a lot to their development of blood transfusion and hoped more of this kind of opportunity could take place in the future.

During the symposium, SBC and NCTM also signed training course agreement in developing Immunohematology Testing, Cord Blood Bank and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank related Testing. As the agreement became effective, SBC would provide relevant skill training techniques to Mongolia.

 As WHO Collaborating Center for Blood Transfusion Services, SBC has an obligation to provide relevant technical guideline and personnel training to neighbored countries. In recent year, the center has been in close contact with NCTM. Personnel from Mongolia received special customized training from the center on 2013 and 2015 respectively. SBC also hosted a “Rare blood type in Aisa” symposium with Mongolia in 2016. In addition, they also signed “MOU of Cooperation between SBC and NCTM” in September 2017.

Translated by Hong Liu