2018 CITIC Annual Workshop was held in Heifei

2018 China International Transfusion Infectious Control (CITIC) Annual Workshop was held at Heifei, Anhui between September 26 and September 30. The workshop was hosted by Shanghai Blood Center and Anhui Society of Blood Transfusion (ASBT) and co-organized by Anhui Provincial Blood Center. Yongming Zhu, Chairman of the China Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT), Baolong Wang, Vice Chairman of ASBT, Yuelin Wang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee from Anhui Provincial Blood Center attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary-General Jian Pan from ASBT hosted the opening ceremony.

This annual workshop aimed at providing an opportunity for educating blood screening and quality control and helping with the communication and information sharing among different organizations. Experts would be able to use that as a platform to discuss any new strategies for TTI prevention and other problems which would help improve our blood safety level.

On the opening ceremony, Chairman Mr. Yongming Zhu congratulated the successful opening of the meeting and confirmed the progress that’s been made from previous CITIC programs. He also pointed out CITIC programs should expand and be able to provide help to all transfusion services across the country.

Vice chairman Baolong Wang expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to those who came. He introduced the current blood transfusion situation and some local customs in Anhui Province in hope of using this opportunity to learn from others experiences and establish network for communication and cooperation.

This workshop included a number of hot topics such as risk of blood transfusion, emerging TTI, lab quality control, external quality control assessment and so on. Some of the top experts worldwide on TTI prevention and control attended the workshop and made their presentations based on the problems. These experts included Chairman Yongming Zhu from CSBT, Professor Lunan Wang from National Center for Clinical Laboratories, Deputy Director Dr. Faming Zhu from Zhejiang Provincial Blood Center, Mr. Giuseppe Vincini from NRL Australia, Dr. Jerry Holmberg from Grifols, Director of Blood Screening Laboratory Dr. Wei Li from Chongqing Blood Center, Director of Blood Screening Laboratory Mr. Jingfeng Zeng from Shenzhen Blood Center, Dr. Liqin Huang from Beijing Red Cross Blood Center, Director of the Department of Blood Transfusion Mr. Jian Pan from Anhui Provincial Hospital, Director of the Department of Blood Transfusion Research Ms. Rong Lv from Anhui Province Blood Center, Director of the Department of Blood Testing Mr. Guoping Zhou from Shanghai Blood Center and Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Blood Transfusion Professor Xun Wang from Shanghai Blood Center.

113 colleagues from 25 provinces and autonomous regions, 72 blood transfusion services attended this workshop.

                                                                Translated by Hong Liu

Reviewed by Xun WANG

Opening ceremony

Scene of the workshop