Blood collection and management information system failure emergency drills

To enhance the emergency response capabilities of blood collection and supply management information system and strengthen the blood supply in emergency, a drill was jointly performed in the situation that “the information system broken down”, which was led by the Hospital Service Department, together with the Donor Service Department, Component Laboratory and Testing Laboratory. 

At 9:00 am on August 14, Hospital Service Department received an application from the hospital for blood which needs to be collected at the same day. But at that time, blood collection and supply management information system got out of order. After confirming that the system can not be restored in a short time, Donor Service Department reported to the Manager. The Manager decided to start an emergency blood collection and supply plan. In the process, the relevant departments manually completed the whole process including blood collection, testing, processing, labeling, releasling and delivery to hospital. Orderly handover, timely information delivery, standard blood practices, clear and complete record and unobstructed process all ensured blood safety. 

The drill exercises were finished at 12:00 am on close cooperation with relevant departments with the intended purpose achieved. 

                                                                                                        Translated by Jiang Xueyu, Reviewed by QU Liwei

Blood collecting staff submitted blood in emergency drills

Blood supply staff received blood in emergency drills

Blood processing staff received blood from blood supply section in emergency drills

Blood supply staff delivered blood to hospital in emergency drills