Report on the seventh WHOCC director conference in Shanghai

Sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and undertaken by Shanghai Health Education Institute, the seventh WHOCC director conference was held in the morning of November 15th in Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., which is health education demonstration unit. Fourteen directors of WHOCCs from different health areas participated in the conference. Participants also included Li Zhongyang Inspector of SMHFPC, Doctor Linda L Milan who was Former Director of WHO Western Pacific Region, and Liu Yue, the director of International Cooperation Division of International Health and Family Planning Commission. Li Zhongyang, who is also the director of Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office, gave speech first and presented the appointment letter on “consultant of WHOCC in Shanghai” to Doctor Milan. After the introduction of WHO Health Education and Health Promotion Collaborating Centre made by Shanghai Health Education Center, Doctor Milan made a speech entitled “WHO: Staunch ally, rich resource, health partner”. Then, the participants discussed on how to strengthen the communication between WHOCCs in Shanghai and WHO, how to strive for more WHO projects and how to develop WHOCCs’ effects. In order to extend the influence of China in WHO, director of SBC and WHOCC Zhu Yongming emphasized the importance of communication among WHO, national health administrative departments and WHOCC. Doctor Milan and Director Liu Yue answered the questions raised by the participants. 

As the window of health technical cooperation between China and WHO, WHOCC plays an exemplary role in promoting health technology communication and human resource training. There are fourteen WHOCCs in Shanghai who work on disease control, clinical skill training, health systems development, urban health, community and population health. Began in 2007, the annual WHOCC director conference was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. 

                                                                           Translated by LI Ruishu