WHO expert Linda L.Milan visited Blood Center

In the afternoon of November 15th, Dr Linda L.Milan, former WHO Western Pacific Region warden and public health expert, accompanied by Qiao Huihong, director of international cooperation division, Shanghai Health and family planning commission, visited Blood Center. Zhu Yongming, President of Shanghai Blood Center, office director Zhang Xi and ZhuZiyan, the deputy director of Institute received the guest. 

Firstly, Dr. Milan visited the showroom and Blood Quest Room of blood center. Then president Zhu made a report entitled ‘a WHOCC for WHO’ .In the report, he summarized our contribution in Blood transfusion service, blood security, scientific research and education.He also elaborated the target tasks from 2013 to 2016 and needed support from WHO. Milan adequately confirmed our achievements, and discussed how to enhance communication and cooperation. Then Milan visited hemapheresis room and blood donation room, and expressed satisfaction and thanks for the work of Blood Center again. 

Translated by WANG Li, reviewed by CHENG Yuan

visited the showroom

visited hemapheresis room

group photo

from left: Director of the central office Zhang Xi, Director of SBC Zhu Yongming, Dr. Linda L.Milan, Director of international cooperation division Qiao Huihong, Deputy Director of Institute received the guest.