The eighth Shanghai WHOCC Director Meeting held in Shanghai University of T.C.M

In the afternoon of Dec.19, 2014, The 8th Shanghai WHO Cooperation Center (WHOCC) Director Meeting was held in the International Cooperation Center of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M). Xu Jianguang, President of Shanghai University of T.C.M delivered a speech at the meeting. 

Firstly, Shi Jianrong, Vice President of Shanghai University of T.C.M, director of the Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine (CCTM), introduced the CCTM and the Director Meetings of the First Western Pacific Region of WHOCC. Subsequently, the participants made discussions and exchanges in terms of how to win more support from WHO, how to combine the work of WHO and the daily work of the Institution, how to strengthen exchange and cooperation among the various centers at home and abroad, and how to promote effective communication with the WHO Headquarters and the Western Pacific Region departments. 

Many directors advised in discussions to regard Shanghai as a platform through which to organize WHOCC as a team force. They hoped that Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (SMCHFP) to finance the work of the WHOCC in Shanghai. 

Under the expectance of WHO and the world, Zhu Yongming, Director of the WHO Cooperation Blood Center suggested that we need to consider the significance of our work on WHO objects and guidelines. Zhao Yong, Vice director of SMCHFP, raised three wishes, at first, hoping every WHOCC to enhance their basic skills; second, SMCHFP would build a good platform and provided good service for WHOCC; third, SMCHFP would promoted the sharing of resources of WHOCC in Shanghai. 

                                                                                           Translated by Wang Zhongying Revised by Li Qin