Deputy Director of National Health of Commission, Wang Hesheng, attended the main events of World Bl

Currently, CSBT has about 530 business members. Its organizational structure incorporates one secretariat, three internal committees, and 24 working groups including 17 working parties and 7 working committees. CSBT has held 7 national member conferences and 9 national blood transfusion congresses since it was established. It has also organized12 education courses for leadership of Blood Service, as well as many national continuing education projects, training courses, and seminars. By sponsoring researches and investigations, working with ministries of the government to implement various industrial regulations, and participating in legislature processes, CSBT actively serves as a coordinator and a bridge between the government and the blood transfusion industry. Through various media outlets, CSBT publicizes voluntary blood donation and constructs novel platforms for industrial cultural and technology. CSBT supports its working groups to serve their full range of functions by carrying out extensive academic communication and continuing education activities for effective promotion of academic discipline and team member quality. As a leading force in the blood transfusion industry, CSBT vigorously improves standardized management. CSBT seriously discharges its duties, strengthens its self-construction, and strives to serve all its members. CSBT continually contributes to the healthy development and academic prosperity of the blood transfusion industry in our country.