The Training Course of Continuous Promotion of Haemovigilance was successfully held in Chongqing

The training course of continuous promotion of haemovigilance was successfully held in Chongqing from May 6 to 8, 2019.


On the opening ceremony, President ZHU Yongming retrospected the development of haemovigilance over the past 17 years in China and reviewed the relevant work carried out since the establishment of the haemovigilance committee. He said that since haemovigilance was in its infancy in China, it was necessary to carry out training on relative knowledges and concepts. Since this training course covered not only standards, but also practical experience and data analysis of haemovigilance, it provided an outstanding opportunity to learn and communicate. President ZHU Yongming hoped that the knowledge and ideas learned would be applied to practical work to solve the difficulties and problems, and would promote the development of haemovigilance.


During the three days of training, expert teachers had given 14 excellent lectures on specific topics including: 

• Blood screening strategy for centralized blood supply;

• Classification and diagnosis of adverse transfusion reaction;

• Disposition and case analysis of adverse transfusion reaction;

• International practice for haemovigilance and interpretation to the Organizational Standard Guideline for Haemovigilance;

• Practice and experience of haemovigilance in Wuxi area, Jiangsu Province;

• The construction of haemovigilance system in blood establishment;

• Tracing of transfusion-transmitted infection;

• Research progress and case analysis of adverse transfusion reaction; the work program on pilot haemovigilance in China;

• Progress and application in monitoring of adverse blood donation reaction;

• Case reports and analysis of adverse events occurred in blood establishment.


During the three days of training, the trainee mastered the content comprehensively by actively participating in course learning, communicating with expert teachers, and completing the assessment exam, which fulfilled the purpose of this training course.



Reported by the CSBT/HV 

Translated by LIU Taixiang;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen