2019 National Annual Meeting on Clinical Transfusion Medicine was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province

2019 National Annual Meeting on Clinical Transfusion Medicine, hosted by CSBT and organized by both the Working Party on Clinical Transfusion of CSBT and the Chengdu Blood Center, was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on April 25,2019.


The theme of this meeting was The Future and Development of Clinical Blood Transfusion. Many excellent academic reports and in-depth discussions were focused on those topics, including management of blood transfusion department, discipline construction, new business and technology, and scientific research on blood transfusion. The academic atmosphere of the conference was strong as almost all the teachers were the most influential experts in the field of clinical blood transfusion, who had brought abundant academic information.


The National Annual Meeting, being a high-level learning and sharing platform for clinical blood transfusion practitioners, serves attendees to know the latest frontier developments in the international field and plays a great role in promoting the healthy and orderly development of clinical blood transfusion in China.



Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by ZHANG Ruoyang;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen