Staff of CSBT Secretariat donated blood collectively

In the early morning of June 14,2019, World Blood Donor Day, the vice president and secretary-general of CSBT DAI Suna, the deputy Secretary-General LIU Qingning came to Beijing Red Cross Blood Center, followed by MENG Li, LI Jiajun and LI Cuiling from the business department and Qiburi, XIE Ling from the administration department.


Wearing CSBT volunteers’ uniforms and blood type letters printed T-shirts, they successfully donated blood after consultation, physical examination and primary screening test. They all have donation experiences. LIU Qingning has already donated for more than ten times. MENG Li, LI Jiajun, LI Cuiling and XIE Ling who are temporarily worked in the CSBT secretariat, also donated blood for many times.


Remain true to our original aspiration, and donate warm blood to save more lives!


As the slogan Safe Blood for All advocated, the staff of CSBT secretariat celebrated WBDD by collective blood donation. They wished to thank every blood donor, medical staff and every volunteer for their selfless dedication and appealed to caring persons to join the family of blood donors to share blood and love!



Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by FENG Chenchen;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen