CSBT and ISBT sign cooperation agreement

In the afternoon of June 23, 2019, CSBT and ISBT signed a cooperation agreement in Basel, Switzerland. Martin, President of ISBT, welcomed Chinese counterparts to Basel for the ISBT conference. He introduced the work of ISBT in recent years, with an emphasis on the success of the 2017 ISBT Guangzhou Conference.


This cooperation agreement will play an important role in the future work of ISBT and CSBT. Both sides share the same development goals and can cooperate in blood transfusion conferences, personnel training, and professional youth cultivation. Both sides have working partieswhich are conductive to strengthening professional exchanges and cooperation. Leaders of both sides should establish a regular mechanism to check the implementation and progress of the agreement. Zhu Yongming, President of CSBT, thanked ISBT Executive Director Judith for his efforts in draft and review of the agreement, as well as the arrangement of this signing ceremony. 


For a long time, the Chinese blood transfusion community has kept communication and cooperation with ISBT. ISBT's global and regional conferences are one of the most important forms for the domestic blood transfusion community to participate in international exchanges. Meanwhile, ISBT has held many of its global and regional conferences in China. In August 2011, ISBT signed an agreement with CSBT and Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) to formally become one of the organizers of the Education Course for Leadership of Blood Service (ECLBS). According to cooperation agreement, both sides will cooperate in blood transfusion conference organizing, personnel training, educational materials exchanges as well as branch committees communication in the next five years.



Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by CHEN Xin;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen