A Training course on Response and Preparation of public opinion supervision on contingency was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province

On May 15, 2019, a training course on Response and Preparation of public opinion supervision on contingency was held by CSBT in Qingdao, Shandong province. This course aimed to help CSBTs members to improve the capacity on news propaganda and contingency response as well as handling of public opinion under the new environment and situation, so as to establish blood service`s image, and consolidate and develop healthy and positive public opinion.


ZHAO Guolei, on behalf of Qingdao Municipal Health Commission, delivered a speech to welcome all the teachers and attendees. He pointed out that the handling of public opinion was highly valued by the propaganda department and other relevant departments. In the omnimedia era, all kinds of supervision mechanism of public opinion were constantly improved and more rigorous. Early preparation of response and plans is helpful for us to deal with public opinion and the contingency more accurately and normatively.


ZHU Yongming introduced the background and purpose of the training course in his speech. He said someone posted on the internet that a certain blood bank over collected blood early last month. After investigation and clarification by the health administrative department, also confirmed by the donor himself, the post was proved to be a gratuitous fabrication. However, this kind of false news was not unique. In 2017, a major newspaper in the north published similar false news and it was widely reprinted. Public opinion may occur in a certain unit, but once ferments, it will affect the whole blood service. Therefore, in response to the suggestions of relevant departments, this training course was urgently prepared by CSBT to help relevant units to improve the awareness and ability of public opinion supervision from a professional perspective.


This training course focused on the response and preparation of public opinion supervision on contingency, including Current Situation and Development of Blood Industry in China by ZHANG Rui (Consultant of Medical safety and blood department, Medical AdministrationNational Health Commission), Public Opinion Guidance on Health in the New Era by CHENG Yi (Deputy Director of Propaganda Department, National Health Commission), Take Off the mask, Pick Up the Phone, Get Out of the Erroneous Zone by WANG Tong (Director of Health Promotion Department, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission), Public Health Contingency Management by RUAN Xiaoming (Vice Counsel of Health Commission of Hubei Province), Legal Analysis as well as Risk Prevention and Control for Blood Establishment by JIANG Wenming (Deputy Director of Shandong Chenjing Law Firm and the Associate professor of Qilu University Of Technology.


ZHU Yongming pointed out that blood service got a high level of public attention but had relatively few alternative countermeasures once public opinion occurred. We could not choose our environment, but we could change it. We need to raise our awareness and position, get ready all time, including preparation of organization, personnel, profession, and resources. We should respond appropriately to public opinion, including reporting to superiors in time, and actively performing our duties. CSBT should also study unceasingly to improve the awareness of public opinion supervision.


Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by MAO Zhuang 

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen