Academic Conference on New Progress of Blood Donor Screening Technology is held in Guangxi Province

Academic conference on New Progress of Blood Donor Screening Technology, hosted by CSBT, and co-organized by Working Party on Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases of CSBT(CSBT/TTD) and both Guangxi and Guangdong Society of Blood Transfusion, was held in Nanning, Guangxi Province on October 14. Nearly 200 participants attended the opening ceremony and the three-day training course.

President ZHU Yongming pointed out in his speech that the course was the first academic and training activity held by CSBT/TTD. It was such a comprehensive and systematic one that it covered puzzles encountered in blood donor screening in China, the risk of blood transfusion transmitted pathogens not yet included in blood donor screening, the establishment of new blood screening technology, and new progress on blood screening technology at home and abroad, etc. All the presenters including experts who had been working in the front line and experts who were mainly engaged in theoretical and technical research were from blood establishments and clinical testing labs as well as scientific research institutions. The lectures they gave were not only omni-directional and forward-looking, but also practical. Everyone would be enlightened and harvested in this course.

After the opening ceremony, FU Yongshui, Director of Guangzhou Blood Center,  and CHEN limin, research professor of Institute of Blood Transfusion, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, gave lectures on Research Progress on Hepatitis C Virus and Research Progress on Pathogenic Mechanism of Blood Transfusion Transmitted Pathogens, respectively.


Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by ZHU Yunong;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen