The 1st China HLA Summit Forum & 2019 Annual Meeting of Working Party on Histocompatibility, CSBT is successfully held

The 1st China HLA Summit Forum and 2019 annual meeting of Working Party on Histocompatibility, CSBT, jointly held by CSBT/HLA, China Marrow Donor Program and Beijing hospital, was successfully held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, from September 5 to 8. More than 200 colleagues from home and abroad attended the forum.

ZHANG Zhixin, chairman of CSBT/HLA, proposed to promote the in-depth research and extensive application of HLA, further to improve the HLA typing platelet library, and finally to start HLA selective blood transfusion. 

More than 20 experts actively in the fields of HLA research and application at home and abroad attended the forum, including Professor GAO Xiaojiang, senior researcher of American National Institutes of Health, Professor YU Neng, director of Clinical HLA Department of American National Marrow Donor Program, Professor CHEN Ge, HLA Department of Stanford University Medical Center, Researcher JIN Yiping, Immunogenetics Center of University of California Medical School, Los Angeles, and Professor ZHANG Yanhui, director of HLA Department of Florida Children's Hospital, etc. 

The academic exchanges mainly involved new progress and technology of HLA, such as the research on HLA and disease, HLA and transplantation, HLA and blood transfusion, HLA evolution, HLA population genetics, synergistic effect of HLA and other factors, HLA and marrow donor program, HLA and platelet donor program, HLA donor program, second generation sequencing technology, and the role of HLA antibody detection in organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


Translated by LI Xueyin; 

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen