Second“Training Course of Blood Transfusion Quality Management System" of 2017 held in Shanghai

The "Training Course of Blood Transfusion Quality Management System" –one of the national continuing medical education programs in 2017 was held in Shanghai on August 22th by Shanghai Blood Center (Affiliated unit of Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion Blood Quality). 129 delegates from 73 institutions of blood services and clinical hospitals from 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities nationwide participated in this training.

At the opening ceremony, Zhu Yongming(Chairman of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion)warmly welcomed the fellows who attended the training course. Zhu highlighted the relationship between blood services and the health and safety of the public, as well as social stability. This blood transfusion quality management system training is held based on "one law two rules" requirements, referenced to the quality management experience from developed countries combined with the practices of our own country. It is held to provide quality management staff from blood services nationwide a platform to study, comb, and communicate. Zhu expressed hope that the quality ideas, professional knowledge, ability of blood services managers, and the quality management level would be improved by this training course, which will contribute to the ensuring blood safety and quality.

The“Training Course of Blood Transfusion Quality Management System" has been held since 2002 for 27 issues, with over 2,400 trainees graduated. This course provides a platform for domestic colleagues in the transfusion field to share experiences in transfusion quality management work. It has been updated and adjusted from curriculum design to teacher arrangements in each issue according to the development trends of the blood transfusion industry, the industrial focuses, as well as peer feedback from other colleagues from blood banks and clinical hospital blood transfusion departments. We hope that through mutual exchange and sharing, the formation of two-way, multi-directional communication and discussions achieved by this training platform, this course will create a culture of quality and safety and promote the concerted development of quality management systems in the transfusion field.

This course invited Zhu Yongming(Chairman of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion),Guo Yongjian (Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion), Li Jinming(Deputy Director of National Center for Clinical Laboratories), Lin Junjie(Vice President of Shanghai Blood Center),Qian Kaicheng(Medical Director of Shanghai Blood Center) and others with rich blood management and quality management experience for lectures.

In the next three days, the course will focus on blood bacterial testing, logistics quality management, risk and management of blood services, normal verification, AABB-related content, as well as quality control of blood bank laboratories. It will also interpret the guidelines to be implemented - Adverse Blood Reaction Classification Guide (WS/T 551) and Blood Monitoring of Whole Blood and Components Guide (WS/T 550).

Reported by Fei Zhoumin
Translated by Yang Jianhao

Edited by Kurt Lee

Prof. Zhu Yongming gives a welcome speech

Prof. Zhu Yongming gives a presentation on bacterial testing

A group picture of all delegates