The 150th Conference of Immunohematology and the 12th “Special Topics on Transfusion Technology Semi

The 150th conference of Immunohematology and the 12th “Special Topics on Transfusion Technology Seminar” were held in Shanghai between the 3rd and 6th of September 2017. 54 expert colleagues from more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government attended. Sandra Nance, director of the Immune Hematology Laboratory of American Red Cross, Luo Qun, committee on immune hematology chairman of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT), Zhu Ziyan, associate director of Shanghai Blood Center(SBC), and predecessor Liu Dazhuang attended the opening ceremony. 

Starting in 1985, SBC has successfully held 149 “Immune hematology courses” and 11 “Special topics seminars”, which have trained more than 2000 professional technical operators, and made enormous contributions to the field of Chinese blood transfusion.

As a periodic summary, the conference invited students from the previous courses and experts of blood transfusion to have an academic exchange during the three days. More than ten experts, such as Sandra Nance, Luo Qun, Zhu Ziyan, Xiang Dong, have made special reports. In addition, the conference has specially set up communication sections. All participants enthusiastically expressed their opinions and learned from each other through in-depth exchanges and discussions on various difficult cases encountered in work and years of theoretical and practical experience.

In the midst of a heated discussion, everyone celebrated the smoothly convocation of the seminar and looks forward to the 200th “immune hematology course” seminar!

Reported and translated by Wang Zhongying

Edited by Kurt Lee

Group photo of all the participants