2017 CITIC Annual Workshop and Transfusion Infectious Risk Prevention and Control Technology Trainin

Held by Shanghai Blood Center and co-organized by Shantou Blood Center, the 2017 CITIC Annual Workshop and Blood Transfusion Infectious Risk Prevention and Control Technology Seminar proceeded smoothly between September 12 to 16 in Shantou City, Guangdong. Deputy Director of China Blood Transfusion Association Committee Wang Chuanxi, Shanghai Blood Center Medical Director Qian Kaicheng, Shantou Blood Center chief Wang Heyan attended the opening ceremony. Deputy Director of the Shanghai Blood Center Research Institute (CITIC project leader) Wang Xun hosted the ceremony.

The workshop and training seminar aimed to strengthen continuing medical education in the professional blood transfusion field of blood screening and technical aspects of quality control, to promote exchange and sharing of domestic blood center and transfusion services, to explore the new progress in the field of transfusion infectious disease prevention and control, and to promote domestic blood screening quality conforming to international standards to improve safety blood.

At the opening ceremony, Director Wang Chuanxi expressed congratulations to the seminar, affirmed the recent achievements of the CITIC project in raising the prevention and control technique of blood transfusion infectious risks, and his sincere hope that the CITIC project would continue to improve in building a broader platform for exchanges and cooperation of the national blood collection agencies.

Chief Wang Heyan expressed welcome and sincere thanks to experts coming all the way to attend the seminar. He detailed Shantou Blood Center and local customs and practices, and hoped to take the opportunity to enhance exchanges and cooperation between national blood collection agencies for learning and common progress.

The conference topics included transfusion risks, new emerging infectious diseases, nlood screening quality assurance, blood donors’ call back strategy research and other topics of current focus. Seminar specially invited domestic and foreign well-known experts of transfusion risk prevention and control field included Deputy Director of New York Blood Center Dr. Beth H.Shaz, the international well-known infectious disease specialist Nico Lelie, blood transfusion medical director of Shanghai Blood Center Professor Qian Kaicheng, National Center for Clinical Laboratories Professor Wang Lunan, Beijing Blood Center testing lab director Ge Hongwei, Chengdu Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Transfusion Medicine researcher Liu Yu, Shanghai Blood Center blood transfusion Research Institute researcher Wang Xun, Guangzhou Blood Center blood transfusion Institute Professor Rong Xia, Dalian Blood Center researcher Deng Xuelian to give speech on related issues.

79 colleagues from 26 provinces and autonomous regions, of 51 blood collection related institutions attended the workshop and training courses. They discussed and communicated within 3 days.

Reported by Jia Yao
Translated by Zhang Bo
Edited by Kurt Lee

Photographed by Cai Le (Shantou Central Blood Bank)

Deputy director Wang Chuanxi gives a speech.

Director Wang Heyan gives the welcome speech.

Teachers lecturing

Workshop audience