YAO Ming Leads CBA staff into Blood Donation during The Pandemic

Although the pandemic was cruel, the blood warmed our heart. The blood donation of CBA fully demonstrates the enthusiasm and responsibility of contemporary sports practitioners towards public welfare and the society. It is hoped that more people will participate in voluntary blood donation to save more lives.


On March 31, a group of CBA staff visited Dongzhimen blood donation cabin in Beijing, headed by YAO Ming, the president of China Basketball Association(CBA) and BAI Xilin, the secretary-general., During this visit, a total of 2,400mL blood was donated by 11 CBA staff, among whom, YAO Ming donated 400mL to take the lead in setting an example of supporting the epidemic prevention as well as offering help to clinical patients.


(Translated by WANG Jinhua; Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan,JIANG Nizhen)