Foreign Friends Join Blood Donation in Shanghai during The Pandemic

On the morning of March 14, Dr. Maskay from Nepal, the head of Bloodline, along with several other foreign friends, came to Shanghai Blood Center to participate in blood component donations in order to support the pandemic prevention. Bloodline was the group of foreign volunteers under Shanghai Blood Center volunteer service team. In the progress of donation, JING Ying, the vice-chairman of Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, came to visit and praise them for their public welfare sentiment of River Low, Mountain High, The Same Moon in The Sky.

Since the pandemic, blood donation initiatives were proposed by Bloodline among foreign residents in Shanghai through WeChat group named Stay Strong, Wuhan.. There were constantly increasing people joining in the group and making appointments to donate blood, which contributed to the blood supply during the pandemic. From Spring Festival to March 14, with the recruitment of Bloodline, more than 200 units of blood has been collected from over 100 foreign donors coming from France, Japan, Germany, Philippines, US, Italy, Spain, India, Mexico, Nepal, UK and other countries around the globe.

(Source: Shanghai Blood Center)

(Translated by ZHU Nan; Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen)