Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Blood Transfusion (CAMSIBT) Taking Effort in Fighting the Pandemic


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the staff of CAMSIBT have overcome sorts of difficulties and tried their best in scientific innovation for blood transfusion medicine to fight the pandemic.


Under unified arrangement, CAMSIBT soon established a project team on Clinical study of convalescent plasma in treatment for severe and critical patients with COVID-19. On January 28 and February 21, respectively, six members of the team were assigned to Hubei to provide clinical treatment with scientific support.


Finally, the project team has successfully accomplished the task. More than half of over 200 severe and critical patients transfused with convalescent plasma have shown negative COVID-19 results in 48 hours and 75% of them turned negative in 72 hours. The results suggest that convalescent plasma is a valid option in the clinical treatment of COVID-19.

Reported by Chinese academy of medical sciences Institute of blood transfusion

Translated by ZHU Rui;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen