Young People in Wuhan Innovation Valley Donate Blood with Love

Warm autumn is more than a cup of milk tea. On October 30, the South taizihu innovation valley, in Wuhan Hubei Province, was more crowded than usual. Forty-six employees of industrial park donated a total of 14,700 milliliters of blood, and each of them was presented with a cup of milk tea by the park staff.


Deng Sha, an employee of Hubei Healthyway Technology Company and the initiator of this donation campaign, is a regular blood donor who has donated for over 10 times. Today she donated 300 milliliters of blood. After donation and a short break, Dengsha immediately returned to the recruitment and guidance of donors.


"When I learned that Wuhan was short of blood, I proposed to organize a blood donation campaign. We even designed a mini-app for registration of this donation.  When we visited the enterprises in the innovation valley to encourage blood donation, we were supported by everyone." She said. "Most people here were born after 1985, so we use the popular phrase The first cup of milk tea in autumn to name the theme of this donation and we have prepared milk tea for blood donors."


HUANG Mingzhu of Valeo company accomplished his first donation during work breaks. "I signed up as soon as I saw the mini-app for donation." he said, "It has always been my wish to donate blood." After donation, he hurried back to work.



Translated by ZHU Shengjiang;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen