The consultant of CSBT is elected as a member of the Canadian Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor NI Heyu, the consultant of CSBT, was elected as a member of the Canadian Academy of Medical Sciences on local time September 18. As one of the highest honors in Canadian academia, it is a recognition of his outstanding contributions and commitment to innovation, excellence, and service in the field of health sciences, also a demonstration of his leadership in this field.



As a senior scientist of Canadian Blood Services, Professor NI Heyu is a highly respected immunologist and hematologist, who leads a team at the Keenan Biomedical Sciences Research Centre of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. He and his team have made a series of breakthrough achievements in the mechanism of platelet and its role in bleeding disorders and thrombosis, and new diagnostics and therapeutics in immune diseases and thrombotic diseases. Their studies have made contributions to the development of new treatment and care standards.


As a reviewer of more than 40 international journals, Professor NI participates in fund evaluation of over 20 research foundations in North America, Europe, and Asia, including China. He has received several international awards, including 2012 Undergraduate Teaching Award of University of Toronto, 2013 Postgraduate Mentor Award of University of Toronto medical School, 2016 Kalman Kovacs Teaching Award of University of Toronto, 2018 Oman Keating Hematology Award, 2019 Canadian Professional Achievement Award and 2019 Canadian Keenan Legacy Outstanding Contribution Award.


Most importantly, Professor NI seizes every opportunity to instruct and inspire young researchers. As a professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, the Department of Medicine and the Department of Physiology of the University of Toronto, he has mentored more than 130 postgraduates and postdoctors, and many excellent students.



Translated by ZHU Rui;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen