CSBT is rated as 4A national social organization by Ministry of Civil Affairs

On March 4, 2021, CSBT was rated as 4A national social organization according to the announcement of 2019 national social organization evaluation grading issued by Ministry of Civil Affairs

It was the first time that CSBT had entered for the national social organization evaluation grading at the end of 2019. After a whole year of preparation by the Secretariat of CSBT according to 116 evaluation terms in four aspects ,CSBT ushered an expert group appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for on-site assessment on October 22, 2020. And ZHU Yongming, President of CSBT, gave a live presentation about the current work, development and achievements made by CSBT in recent years.


As a 4A national social organization, CSBT can enjoy a series of priority, such as accepting the transfer of government functions, government purchasing services and government rewards. CSBT will take this evaluation as an opportunity to continuously make contribution to the development of blood collection & supply and blood transfusion medicine in China.



Translated by HU Wenjia;

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen