New Book Release ——Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply Services --Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020)

Annual Report on Development of China’s Blood Collection and Supply Industry (2020), as the fifth volume of Blue Book of Blood Collection and Supply, is a book about the development of blood services in 2019. This book, compiled by CSBT, with FU Yongshui as the Chief Editor, GENG Hongwu the Executive Editor, LUO Qun the Deputy Chief Editor, is co-written by many domestic professionals. It covers a wide range of blood services and displays the independent views, ideas and researches of these professionals and experts.

输血服务蓝皮书 《中国输血行业发展报告(2020)》新书发布.png

The book consists of eight parts:

1. The general analysis and prospects on the development of China blood Collection and Supply industry in 2019;

2. Seven monographic reports, focusing on laws and regulations of blood product, research on nucleic acid detection reagents for blood donor screening, the development of immunohematology and platelet blood group, research on transfusion-transmitted pathogens, blood preservation, as well as cell therapy;

3. Five reports on the development of provincial-level blood collection and supply;

4. Eight reports on the development of municipal-level blood collection and supply;

5. Four reports on clinical blood transfusion;

6. Five reports in other areas not covered above in the Typical Case Part;

7. Biography of SHEN Kefei and the development of China’s blood collection and supply industry;

8. Chronicle of blood service in China in 2019.

Translated by FENG Yasong.

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen