Red Power Fuels Blood Donation in Shanghai during the Chinese New Year

On February 13, the second day of lunar new year, eighty-eight members from Red Power, a charity volunteer group from the city of Ningbo, were organized by their captain ZHENG Shiming to donate apheresis in Shanghai Blood Center. In order to celebrate the Chinese New Year as well as to maintain the friendship between two cities, members drove across hundreds of miles to Shanghai to participate in this event.


This has been the 15th year since Red Power organizing the first inter-city blood donations. This day, a total of 140 Units of apheresis platelets were collected from 86 members. "Red power represents not only the strength that blood could deliver to patients, but also an impetus driving each of us to keep on doing good." said by ZHENG Shiming. Members of Red Power persisted in their dedication for the last 15 years, promoting their kindness and love to the people across Shanghai and Ningbo. At the event, new years greetings were sent to them by ZOU Zhengrong, director of the Municipal Blood Management Office, and ZHANG Yi, director of the Blood Collection and Supply Department in SBC, both of whom later joined the apheresis donation as well.


Translated by ZHU Nan;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen