President ZHU Yongming Donates Apheresis Platelets to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Ox

On the second day of Chinese New Year, Prof.ZHU Yongming, the president of CSBT and WHOCC-BTSs, stepped into Meilong blood donation site in Shanghai to donate apheresis platelets. Although the whole country was immersed in joyful atmosphere of Spring Festival, the clinical still need blood donated to save lives. Taking this opportunity, President ZHU extended new year greetings via video to every blood donor all around the county.


In the past 2020, under the leadership of President ZHU, a serial of essential documents both in Chinese and English versions were issued by CSBT according to the domestic experience against COVID-19 pandemic, such as Recommendations for Blood Establishments Regarding the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, Biosafety Protection Guidelines for Serological Blood Group Laboratories of Clinical Blood Transfusion Department during the Control and Prevention of COVID-19, Recommendation List of Contingency Reserves, which have been referenced later by many international authorities. As the director of WHOCC-BTSs, Prof.ZHU helped the global blood donation industry by organizing a serial of professional consultations and exchanges on contingency strategie. Alsoas a blood donor, he saves lives with regular blood donation and he has donated apheresis platelets twice during the 2020 pandemic.

Through his 30-year career in this industry, President ZHU has won multiple awards, such as National Blood Donation Awards and National Blood Donation Promotion Awards. He never stops to dedicate his passion to help people against the pandemic.


Translated by SHAO Lei

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen