Face ID Enabled in 22 Blood Donation Sites in Wuhan

Face ID was officially enabled in blood donation services by Wuhan Blood Center, which has made donation registration fully applicable online. With this contactless technology, a donor’s identity could be recognized by a quick face scan,  leaving it no longer a problem to forget the ID card at home.

Please scan the QR code, and face the screen!” In Wangjiawan blood donation site, under the guide of nurses, Ms. Yang from Hanyang District completed her first Face ID registration, on February 19. “I’ve donated blood for three times, however, it’s the very first time for me to use the Face ID. It’s very convenient!” said Ms. Yang. At the site, a QR code was generated as soon as the donation questionnaire was filled out on the cellphone. Then the scanning of QR code on a specialized device was followed by a face-recognition. Through this process, the donor’s identity could be verified in less a second; meanwhile his/her questionnaire has been printed.

无需身份证全程无接触 武汉22个献血点上线“刷脸献血”.jpg

At present, Face ID recognition devices have been operational in 22 blood donation sites across the city of Wuhan, which made it convenient, time saving and writing error reducing. Taking every blood donor as a hero, Wuhan Blood Center has been striving to improve every donors donation experience through hardware updating and smart donation site construction, and so as to attract more people to become voluntary blood donors.


Translated by ZHU Yunong

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen