The last Blood Donation in 15 Years —— A Special Celebration for 60th Birthday

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You...On the morning of May 10, birthday song sounded in a blood donation point of Yangzhou Blood Station. Today was 60th birthday of HENG Yue, a 15-year regular donor. A group of his friends from Sunshine Volunteer Association were celebrating his birthday. Since today was his last time for platelet donation and he wanted his 60th birthday to be special.


When sitting on the blood collecting chair in the familiar blood donation room, and watching the blood begin flowing after the nurse finished puncturing, HENG Yue was full of emotion. 


This is my last blood donation and I really don’t want it to be the last one. HENG Yue said, Today’s donation is of significance and it draws a successful conclusion to my blood donation career. 



Reported by Yangzhou Blood Station

Translated by LIU Taixiang

Reviewed by MA Ling, JIANG Nizhen