First foray into "two dimension"—— Debut of a Chinoiserie blood donation house at animation carnival

A Chinoiserie blood donation house made its debut in Wuhan 2021 animation carnival at China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center on May Day.


Located at the center of the exhibition hall, the blood donation house was unique and eye-catching. The cartoon Beijing Opera diva on the background wall, wearing phoenix crown, back flags and sunglasses, which integrating traditional opera and modern hip-hop style, had attracted a large number of young people to stop and take photos.


At the event scene, the medical staffs in Han clothing were handing out blood donation leaflets. It won cheers and encouragement from legions of fans. They said these nurses  looked like characters walking out of comics. It’s stylish and cute to popularize blood donation knowledge in this way.

Wuhan blood center has been committed to innovate blood donation services , to attract citizens, especially young people, to donate blood for many years. Staff of Wuhan blood center said that all the blood donation sites are open during festivals, and they called on citizens to donate blood and love for those patients who need them.


Source: Wuhan Blood Center



Reported by the CSBT Secretariat

Translated by LI Xueyin;

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen