WANG Hui: Model Blood Donor, 195 times in 15 years

It's not difficult to donate blood once but keeping it up is not easy. WANG Hui, one of the blood donors in Hefei, has insisted on blood donation for 15 years. He has donated 195 times with a total of 46280 mL of blood since 2006.


The first donation of WANG Hui was on August 10th , 2006. He was walking down the street when he came across a blood donation vehicle parked in a garden. After an emotional struggle, he began his first blood donation. Since then, this experience has tied him with blood donation together.


Besides donation, WANG Hui has always been enthusiastic in public welfare undertaking. He often participates in volunteer service teams to serve at Hefei South Railway Station, Hefei Railway Station, Hefei Regional Blood Bank and other volunteer service points. Not long ago, a surge of COVID-19 vaccinations had caused  a short of personnel. WANG Hui actively coordinated shift hours with volunteer schedule to participate in on-site vaccination services such as assisting with form-filling and order-maintaining.


WANG Hui often says that blood is regenerative while life is irreparable. Blood donation not only helps others but also delights yourself.


Translated by YE Xiayan

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen