216 High-speed Rail Employees Donate 65,900 mL of Blood

On the afternoon of July 8, over 300 employees of High-speed Rail from all around the country participated in a blood drive themed on Tributes to the Party's Centennial, which was organized by China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Vocational Skills Training Base of High-speed Railway. Finally, 216 railway employees had successfully donated a total of 65,900mL of blood.

At the site of blood donation, dress in uniform, trainers and trainees from the Wuhan Vocational Skills Training Base of High-speed Railway arrived in batches. They all expressed that blood donation was not only love but also responsibility.  

At the scene of the event, Wuhan Vocational Skills Training Base of High-speed Railway was awarded as Advanced Unit for Voluntary blood donation by Wuhan Blood Center. HUANG Mingjun, deputy party secretary, described their mood to celebrate the CPC’s Centennial through blood donation, and said “It is not only responsibility and obligation but also pride and honor to a central enterprise.” In addition, he expressed willingness to continue to support voluntary blood donation in the future.

“We are welcoming more and more citizens to join in voluntary blood donation!” Wuhan Blood Center sincerely appealed. As summer vacation approaches, clinical blood supply is facing severe challenges and pressure, hence more caring people are needed.



Translated by ZHU Rui;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen