Chongqing Blood Center Joins the CSBT Partnership Program

In order to promote the sustained development of blood donation industry and guide participation and support to blood science popularization from all circles of society, the CSBT National Education Center for Blood Donation Health was inaugurated in Chongqing Blood Center on September 16. ZHU Yongming, the president of CSBT, HE Tao, the president of Chongqing Society of Blood Transfusion, DUAN Hengying, the Secretary of Party Committee at Chongqing Blood Center, and XU Yongzhu, the Director of Chongqing Blood Center attended the award ceremony.

President ZHU read out the award, authorized the certificate and addressed a speech. He expressed sincere congratulations to Chongqing Blood Center for passing the check and acceptance for the education center, and presented heartfelt gratitude for its continuous support and full participation.

In addition, President ZHU expected the future communication and cooperation between Chongqing blood transfusion industry and CSBT to be continued and flourished. He hoped to promote blood safety and ensure blood supply through joint efforts of the Partnership Program.

The secretary DUAN received the award and made her acknowledgements. She then briefly introduced the operation concept and achievements of the education center. The education center was designed to promote a healthy life style, advocate altruism, and publicize blood transfusion medicine using vivid multidimensional modes. In the speech, she also presented that persistent efforts in blood donation popularization would be made among communities, universities and enterprises to comprehensively improve the awareness of blood donation among the publicity,  enhance spiritual civilization of Chongqing, and build the city’s public welfare atmosphere, so as to contribute to Chongqing's voluntary blood donation business.



Translated by LIU Ziyu;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen