Loves in Fall --------The 12th Blood Donations Campaign Held in WEGO

On September 24, 2021, a blood donation campaign was launched at 8:00 am in WEGO Group, which had been 12 years since such campaign in 2010. During the 12-year blood donation campaigns, a total of 1,168,800 mL of whole blood was donated by 2 952 employees, conveying hope of love and life.

This drive was jointly organized by the labor union of WEGO Group, WEGO Blood Technology  Co. Ltd and Weihai Central Blood Station. At the scene, both young employees and leaders, novice donors and regular donors chose to relay love and life.

It was worth mentioning that all the blood collection bags used in the drive were manufactured by WEGO Blood Technology Co. Ltd. WEGO group, whose product covering about 74% of domestic market share of blood collection bags and 80% of target customers, has deeply engaged in blood collection and supply business over 30 years and committed to providing high-quality consumables and equipment for blood transfusion.

Over the years, WEGO Group has continuously carried out blood donation campaigns, demonstrating WEGO’s core values of conscience, sincerity and loyalty, as well as WEGO’s corporation image and social responsibility .


Translated by CHEN Xiaoli

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen