The 17th Year of the Red Power in Ningbo

Ningbo Red Power Volunteers Group is a non-governmental blood donation and service team, which was initiated and established by Captain ZHENG Shiming in 2004. The team originally composed of 3 individuals has developed into one of the largest non-remunerated blood donation organizations in China at present, with 13 branches and more than 1400 volunteers. Its members have carried out various charity and voluntary work in the Yangtze River Delta, mainly in Ningbo and Shanghai. So far, such a caring group has donated more than 160,000 units of blood with an annual increase of more than 20%. In recent years, the team has continuously improved the overall service capabilities and accelerated the standardized construction, which has been unanimously recognized by the community.


On July 1, to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China(CPC), 50 Party member volunteers of the Red Power rolled up their sleeves to participate in the blood donation.


Although Captain ZHENG has been beyond the legal blood donation age, he is still energetic to provide logistical support whenever the team members donate blood. During the campaign of donating blood on CPC’s centenary, he was not only busy with shuttle service, but also actively publicized the knowledge of voluntary blood donation to passers-by around the blood station, eliminating misunderstandings and misgivings about blood donation, and called on more people to join.


Red power is a group of blood donors who write and interpret the real blood romance to pay tribute to life by way of donating blood.


Reported by Ningbo Yinzhou district blood management center

Translated by WANG Jinhua

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen