Continuous Promotion of Haemovigilance Training Course Held in Chongqing

The National training course on Continuous Promotion of Haemovigilance, hosted by CSBT, undertaken by Working Party on Haemovigilance of CSBT (CSBT/HV) and co-organized by People's Government of Chongqing Fengjie County and Chongqing Blood Quality and Safety Control Center, was held in the form of live lectures and broadcast online from August 19 to 20,2022. 


At the opening ceremony, President ZHU Yongming retrospected the development of haemovigilance in China, appreciated the work carried out in the past five years since the establishment of CSBT/HV and expressed his gratitude to  Chongqing Blood Centerthe affiliated unit of CSBT/HV.


A total of 15 experts and scholars in transfusion medicine and practitioners of haemovigilance delivered speeches in the training course. The training content covered:

• Update on haemovigilance; 

• COVID-19 infection and transfusion safety;

• Annual report on haemovigilance sentinel monitoring for 2020-2021;

• Experience of haemovigilance sentinel monitoring;

• Application of monitoring data;

• Case study on monitoring of adverse reactions in blood donation and transfusion,

• Case analysis of adverse events in blood establishment; 

• Information reporting and data reviewing.



Source: Working Party on Haemovigilance, CSBT

Translated by LIU Taixiang;

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen