Come and Donate Blood Duckgether(together) in the Mid-Autumn!

In August this year, Jiangsu Blood Center (JSBC) released a video named Donate Blood Duckgethertogether on its WeChat official account. Many netizens gave their likes and expected this little cute duck doll to be one of blood donation peripherals. Therefore, during the mid-autumn holiday, anyone who donates whole-blood at JSBC donation site could obtain a duck doll and an extra lottery ticket. Finally, a cumulative 293,500mL of whole blood was successfully donated by over 800 donors, which accounting 150 donations more than the same period last year. The mid-autumn event planning has enhanced clinical blood supply and ensured hopes to more patients. 

While moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane, blood does bring hopes. Gratitude to you, our honored blood donors!


Source: Jiangsu Blood Center

Translated by LI Xueyin;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan.