Monsieur Pierre’s Blood Donation Adventure in Tianjin

“267 times, ranking No.8th!” This is the achievement got by a foreign blood donor in his second hometown, Tianjin. Coming from France, with a great passion for China, Mr. Pierre started an adventure in voluntary blood donation since 2008 after he settled in the city of Tianjin. “Tianjin is my second hometown. Tianjinese are my families. Donate blood for families are my obligation.” said Mr. Pierre.

The blood type of Mr. Pierre is RhD-negative, which is more common abroad but quite rare among Chinese population. So he persists in apheresis platelets donation in every 14 days no matter what happens.

“My father is a doctor, my mother is a nurse, and now my daughter has inherited their talents and has become a cardiac surgeon in Tianjing hospital after she got her doctor degree. For all these years, I would like to set a role model for others. When locals find a foreign blood donor could keep this habit, they would be more encouraged to donate.” sincerely said by Mr. Pierre. According to his previous blood donation experience abroad, Mr. Pierre highly valued the facilities, professionalism and service in Tianjin Blood Center to be world-class, and he presented he would keep his adventure rolling.


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Source: Tianjin Blood Center

Translated by ZHU Shengjiang;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.