Relay for Life------Hua’an Medics Donate Blood

On the morning of November 4th, a medical staff blood donation campaign was organized in the outpatient hall of Hua’an Brain Hospital. Themed on Blood Saves Lives, this event demonstrated medics’ professional dedication of reverence for lives and their selfless caring for patients.


This event carried out by Hua’an Brain Hospital was aimed to meet the urgent needs of patients for blood transfusion and ensure their life safety, responding to the appeal of Hefei Regional Blood Station. Under the organization and leadership by the Hua'an Party Branch, many party members and other medical staff enrolled and participated in the blood donation.


Blood warms every patient. According to statistics, more than 40 medics aging from 22 to 55 years old participated in the event, including regular donors and freshmen donors, front-line clinical staff as well as logistics staff. During the event, every blood donor showed his/her great love and brought infinite hope of survival to the patients.


7 用热血为生命接力.png

Source: Anhui Provincial Blood Center

Translated by ZHU Rui;

Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.