White-collars in Action!

On the morning of October 20, 2022, a blood donation activity under Hubei Federation of Industry and Commerce was carried out in Wuhan, which was initiated and well organized by Zall Holdings. White Collars from the Zall International Center office participated in their spare time, in order to donate blood and save more lives. 

"When we saw the blood donation initiative, we immediately signed up!” said by Ms. ZHUGE Conghui, a staff member of the Operations Management Department of Z-BANK. In order to save worktime, she checked in early with her 9 colleagues, making them the first batch of donors at the site. She expressed, "Blood donation benefits the country and the people, so we are all very willing to participate in this public welfare activity."

"Although we can’t help patients like medical staff, we can donate blood to save lives, which is possible for every healthy person." Said by Mr. LU Qihuai, a staff member of property management department, also a 31-time blood donor who has donated over 8,000 mL of blood since July 2012. Then he expressed that he would persist in blood donation and voluntary work, helping others as well as embodying his own value.


Source: Wuhan Blood Center.

Translated by FENG Yasong; 

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.